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  1. An event only open to bracelet winners would be pretty cool.
  2. Great showing for your first Razz tourney, congrats.
  3. Push with any three under 8 or any two to a wheel. Good luck and take it down!
  4. I would have raised the flop at least. That should clear out some of the guys behind you and let you know where you stand in regards to the original bettor. It probably wouldn't have ended in a different result though, as I doubt he's laying down TP there.
  5. I'm bored, so here it is translated into "jive" using The Dialectizer.note: no offense is intended to the OP.<<Went t'de mo'ongo dis weekend, dun didnt do too baaaad. boy dun did ah' love swimmin' in de countles sea uh fish. Lop some boogie. ah' came wid 5 oda' homeys. de big winna' out uh us wuz 2.5k. Ya' know? he made some amazin' eyeballs and plays and uh course caught some great hands. . ah' dont gots some full sto'y uh impo'tant hands and ****. 2/5 wuz some baaaad game. as some whole da damn mo'ongo poka' room be a joke. rakin' preflop be padetic and da damn dealers dont stress de s
  6. That's pretty bad for any live tourney. 15 minutes rounds live is incredibly short and obviously the doubling of blinds will make it an all-in fest almost immediately after the first few levels.
  7. Or the Red Sox? Or the Angels? Because they have all won it more recently than the Yankees have.Meanwhile, the NL hasn't even won a single game in the World Series since 2003.
  8. Now I finally have something to watch at 2 AM.No SW.
  9. ...and Phil Helmuth Jr., and Johnny Chan...
  10. Woo hoo! I just saw this for the first time...nice. I shall celebrate my free FCP gear by returning this week and undoubtedly donking off my $10 in what might be my worst game, 7 stud. See you there everyone.
  11. My mistake, I meant Ocean's 12. I'm cautiously optimistic about Ocean's 13...the writers of "Rounders" wrote it and I hope that's a good thing.Just thought of another crappy sequel: "Be Cool." That movie blew.
  12. I've heard how awful this one is supposed to be but I've never actually seen it. Is it truly that bad, even going into it expecting it to be the worst movie ever?Here are my three nominees for worst sequel ever:Rocky 5Caddyshack 2Ocean's 13Man, did they all suck.
  13. I look forward to seeing your list and I hope the blog issues get fixed before the tourney tomorrow.I can't imagine that I'm seen as much of a threat since the two crucial hands for me to qualify were winning with A-J vs. A-J and then sucking out with A-2 vs A-6 at the final table.
  14. I think he gave two tells that it might be Jen Harman. First, the bit about definitely being in the top 64. Shortly after that, he made it clear that the rules are more like cash games than tournaments and this also seems like an advantage for a player like her. Just a hunch on my part, but a strong one, that she is his co-captain.
  15. URL not found. I'm very interested to see your picks, as you should certainly have some good experience to base the selections on by qualifying twice.
  16. Okay, so DN and Jen Harman are co-captains on their team. Sweet!/end rampant speculation
  17. Daniel,The announcement about the PPL is truly exciting. I know that you probably can't talk about much (if anything) until after the draft, but could you just let us know if you are one of the captains?I can't wait for this draft. This is going to be fantasic.
  18. I chalk it up to the fact that he had a pretty mediocre WSOP--only two cashes, each for less than 6K.
  19. How much is a box of Ding Dongs? $2.99 or $3.99, somwhere in there. So, let's say I double twice. Maybe three times, because then I could buy a couple of boxes. And Ding Dongs are awesome. So yeah, definitely. Three times.
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