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  1. lol, cant have an opinion i guess, u must be a yankPS, nice username suits u well
  2. are you there to watch them talk or play? u moron, stfu; and i said in past seasons i liked the POKER; that is why we watch the show not to watch degenrate gamblers talk about losing 1.7 mil straightPS, u really think that besides that fish from England that table didnt have some pretty good pro cash game players? Matusow, Ivey, Hansen, etc..
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2paQiViUVc...ted&search=
  4. no it was filmed in london, england;Ivey, Seidel, Tony G., Cunningham, Hansen, Mike the Mouth, Jesus, and some fish from London
  5. anybody get a chance to see this? I am not sure what station it is/was on but i found it on youtube, i actually liked it better then high stakes poker on gsn, there is too much talkin that goes on in high stakes poker now, it is really annoying; on the FT Million Dollar cash game they were actually gambling a little bit, J10 vs Q7 144k pot; stuff like that watch it and enjoy maybe it will give GSN a tip on how a cash game should be on TVPS, I really do like high stakes poker but, this season, been kinda weak for me, hopefully things speed up with Ivey next week
  6. anyone hear about this? that texaslimitking was banned for colluding and cheating, is it true? cuz that is f-ed up if it is
  7. I wouldnt even listen to daniel as far as I am concerned I wouldnt even consider him a poker player anymore, like hellmuth, he plays once a week at most! unless its the world series, so daniel please shut up and ppl will listen when u start to actually play poker again, instead of promoting it and tutoring pplPS sorry to sound so harsh, but of all the big names pros besides maybe hellmuth he definitely plays the least, and that includes tourneys
  8. anyone know if any of the pros actually showed up to play in this game i say a bunch of them on the list,
  9. did i miss smtg here?There have been photographers placed in a reporting roll & vice versa... unfortunately for you, I am a reporter trying to use a camera. Finally I figured out what the heck I was doing wrong after 24 hours of not being able to get photos on my blog. I present to you, Brandi Hawbaker, the current chip leader, and newly single Juan Carlos Mortensen (from pokerpages)this just struck me as oddmaybe im just an idoit
  10. u can get a 22" for 399 at future shopbut unfrotunately going any higher is much more expensive 24' is 899so i got the 22'
  11. I saw kido pham playin in bobbys room one week in july; i think he plays the 2nd biggest cash games
  12. I wouldnt be surprised if Lisandro was fast_Freddie on Prima, seeing as how both guys want to kill each other when they play; u can see int he chat box they hate each otherwhen i say guys I mean Friedman and Fast_Freddie
  13. who is this guy Texas Limit King? playin 500-1000 on fulltilt, like 4 tables at a time, unreal has over 300k combined on all 4 tables, playin against freetrees, and a few others
  14. i saw all the big guys playing as i mentioned b4, daniel prolly played about a 24 hour session but it looked like he went bust a few times, and chip reese has most of the chips in play he scooped a big pot from benyamine in omaha hi/lo;im not sure who benyamine is winnning the money off of in the big game, not much from reese or ivey, it must be greenstein and hansen; i think antonius went bust as well as farha; i thought Daniel posted all of his episodes in the big game, i hope he is not pulling a greenstein and just mentioning his wins,
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