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  1. Well this is it my last day around here. First off I would like to thank Bob for every thing you have done when ever there was a problem. I would also like to thank Matt for the same. To the forum members thank you for all the laughs and all the help with my game.(though it didn't help that much I still suck. ) To Daniel Thanks for the one chance I had to play against you. I enjoyed reading your blog even if I didn't agree with alot of your views.I decided that when my poker money was gone so was I. ( I won't call it a roll since it was not that much.) To the person who broke me nice call with
  2. Bump....I am not playing but really more people posting about a possible neg-o move than signed in to the mixed open.
  3. UPDATEI got the e-mail fromBob today. We will play Sun May 6th at 9:30. They feel that the way they have it set up will work and we will all be able to play. Bob also stepped up with a little something for the players to make up for the tourney not running as planned.While I am still not happy with the screw up I must say again Bob is the man. He really cares about the players. As long as Bob is With FCP so am I.
  4. Since I seem to be the only B**thy player from this tourney. I do want to point out that the only reason I still play on this site is Bob. Out of all the sites that I have played on ( it seems like I have played on them all) the support at FCP but mostly Bob is the best I have seen. While I vent about being very unhappy about alot of things here on FCP ( DNA should know some of what I mean)The support is the very best.I thank you Bob for all you do for the players. It does not go unnoticed.
  5. This was a special promotion that started when they started the guaranteed tourneys. To earn points you had to place in the top 5 of the 250, 350 or 500 daily tourneys or the 750 sat. tourney. The top 8 finishers got a seat at a final table where the prize is to be a one hour lesson w/ DN on the phone or pc. Then they held another mtt where the winner was also given a seat. then a drawing to fill the last seat.This promotion ended in the end of Febuary. We were told because of the way the network does it tourneys we had to wait for them to figure away for them to run it without a password as t
  6. Only one person was able to log in as it asked for a password. So the rest of us got to watch a honest pirate got all the chips.
  7. So another screwed up fcp special tourney. First the ghosts in the home game w/ DN. The 3rd / 4th quarter neg-o opens & t.o.c. thet 5 mounths later have yet to happen. Now a special tourney that only one person gets to play. I understand Bob will get it rescheduled but really should we have to wait. Took two months to get to this point frome the end of the promotion.really tired of of all these screw up. Don't think I really want to play. If I win could take a year to get the prize. Or it could be like the 4th quarter prizes that went from a jersey to 5000 points. Maybe a call with DN is
  8. Funny thing is at least one other site on this network sends out summarys for all tourneys.FYP
  9. Here in Michigan, bingo halls are not only in churches, but also in large bingo halls.While it is not in a church the bingo halls are also run for charity. Each night a different charity runs the bingo. Some nights it will be a local democratic party other nights a runaway shelter or drug rehab center. the bingo only pays for rental of the building and the worker are volunteers.How do I know....bingo is my wifes addiction.
  10. Since DN said in his last blog he will limit being online to 2 hours a day I am guessing this will still take quite a while.Maybe we should just scrap the 3rd & 4th quarter championships as well as the T.O.C. That way you only have to set up the1st quarter of this year and then DNA can still be the defending champ.
  11. Man and I thought you were talking about me.......lolSuperman could play as long as you had lead cards.
  12. This why I left bodog. They came out and said we were cheating. then they locked up our accounts.We asked for them to review our hand historys. We both told them we have never cheated. When they looked at our hand historys they then said they saw no proof of cheating and said we could then play agian. They said someone had reported us and their security team over reacted. So we try to get into a game together and it won't let us. I called support and was told that even though we did not cheat they could no longer allow us to play together. I cashed out and told them it was bs and to close my a
  13. Cool thanks Bob. Now can you take care of the neg-o tourneys for last year. just kidding I know dna & patty are working on that
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