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  1. Looshle just lost with KK vs AQ aipf for a big pot in the mulligan and then with KK vs 66 aipf when the other guy made a straight to get out
  2. I'm looking to get a 2nd monitor and I'm going to have about 90k FT points to spend. I was wondering if anyone has gotten a monitor from the store or if they have heard which ones are good. Thanks for any help.
  3. Im thinking about depositing on UB to start getting some rakeback...i had a couple of questions about doing it before i put money on there...1) is it easy to clear the initial deposit bonus2) whats your overall opinion of the site...(customer support, game play, tourmament selection)thanks for any help you can give me
  4. any good player will see your raise as weakness, so no it doesnt accomplish anything.....you wouldnt make that play with AA or KK would you?? exactly.....people will see it as weakness and a good player will reraise that everytime with a very wide range of hands....raising to 300-400 makes it imperative that the other person has a hand if they come back over the top of you....if you raise to 350 and they both push then you can be 100% certain you are beat
  5. first of all, you know this is no-limit right?? secondly, your raise looks so incredibly weak...i really cant describe how bad your play is....please make posts telling us when you play, what site, what stakes, and what table...thank you
  6. if you are very sure that the original bettor has nothing, go with your read and raise....even if its a tiny raise, the sb cant call with QQ or JJ...if the UTG player pushes to your raise, even if you are getting some extremely good odds, you can fold because hes not pushing there with a hand you beat...by just calling the 15, the sb can call as well, which means you are beat for sure....you would be calling 15 to win 43 dollars on the river....however, if you raise to say, 32, you are risking 32 to win 43, still not bad....your read on the UTG player makes us think we are ahead here about 90%
  7. is it gay that i just laughed pretty hard for a couple of minutes straight after reading this?
  8. you really need to stop talking about this until you know something about the topic....to get your PGA tour card you need to go through local qualifying, sectional qualifying, and then the final stage, which is 6 rounds, not 2, and even par will get you a slap in the face in that tournament
  9. to win every wsop event for the next 5 years and to have a threesome with jennifer aniston and brian townsend
  10. Paul wasicka is stupid...there is zero chance this will happen...he is one of those guys that thinks its just as easy to go from shooting 100 to 80 as it is to go from shooting 80 to 70...careering it and shooting 78 is so far away from breaking 70....a good test to see how good you are is to find a public course where the pga tour plays, play it from the tips, and add about 5-7 shots atleast to your score to account for higher rough and faster greens that they play during the actual tournament
  11. i must be very lucky but my bodog checks all come within 2 weeks and most come within a week....then yesterday i got a check for $100 when i didnt request a payout...i called bodog and they said they made a mistake, but that since it was their mistake i could cash it with no problem...free money is +EV
  12. check/raise the bet on the flop...you know you have the 2nd caller beat, and you need to find out where you are in the hand...if you get reraised by the original guy you can get away from the hand by only losing a little bit....as played, check/call the river...he'll bet a flush here but also bluff with a 10 that missed the straight
  13. you fold A9 when its 6 handed, we are in the cutoff with the chip lead, there is a ton of money in the pot pf, and we are almost on the final table bubble??? im trying to get chips here, not fold my way to a final table
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