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  1. First off, this doesn't really apply as you are just forcing players in your league to follow the rules. What we are talking about doing isn't against any league rule, so imo is fair game and no reason for any hard feelings, put rules in to prevent it if you don't like it.Second, I completely agree w/ the screwing with karma part and would never have the balls to do something like this. it's only gonna come back and bite ya and you will only have yourself to blame.
  2. I woke up to the winner scrolling on the bottom of ESPN, then telling me to watch tonight...
  3. Tourny 78843386. Wish me luck. Need to bounce back.
  4. found it, not near the regular one, trickey.7544709 2007 Negreanu Open NL TOCThanks
  5. I don't think the email for the TOC included the name of the tourny, is it set yet?
  6. Should I have received the tournament details yet? I Don't want to miss out and the dates are fast approaching.
  7. out 149th. My A6 vs QJ, J flops..
  8. I was down to .85 in my account, now have enough for Neg-O this week!
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