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  1. The mods are horrible on 2+2 and they have more useless post than on any forum I've ever been on period. I started at FCP and will stay on FCP.
  2. At 2nd break,in the money, now 216 left, had all short stacks at my table but still have a healthy stack of 12,895 where the avg. stack is 10,395 lots of short stacks left and blinds are going up to 250/500 with 50 ante, wish me luck for my first big win!
  3. 6775 at first break, avg. stack is 3598 weeeee
  4. LOL I have this shirt and saw Laak wearing it on tv and freaked out, Volcom makes it and I think it was a limited edition artist series collection, you can try ebay, or activemailorder.com, and ccs.com, just a few place to try
  5. Starts at 9. (playing both A and B obv.)
  6. Don't sweat it, you're just frustrated take a break and maybe try some cash games.
  7. Yes in almost all the games I play in thay are all almost "civil workers" as well, my friend walked away with 600 in the .50/1 game tues, so if you wanna know where any are at I'd be more than happy to help a fellow fcp'er out, just pm me.
  8. Well I actually play in broward, mostly games in coral springs, which is a 1/2, then theres a 2/5, and .50/1(which plays like a 2/5) and one in plantation, then theres another 1/2 in pembroke pines but thats a little far for me.
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