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  1. I just got an email from "Matthew Carpenter" <promotions@fullcontactpoker.com> I checked the list of winners and my name is not there so is this a phishing scam or legit?
  2. Villain has TT. After you check raised he suspected you were strong or had a monster draw. He decided he would go all in because if you have a Q you are probably calling and if you fold he doesn't have to worry about your draws.If you don't have a Q and were just bluffing then he probably won't get anymore money out of you anyway so might as well push and hope you do have it.
  3. Dude, don't wear the Argentina Jersey.
  4. From pokerpages:"JC Alvarado and TJ Cloutier are sitting next to each other. As the dealer threw out the cards, JC moved his hand slightly, interfering with Cloutier's card, which turned enough for the table to see an A . JC apologized as TJ turned it over and gave JC a long stern look. Seat one asked him what the other card was. TJ told him it was the A . Fact or fiction? You decide."Also, there was this picture posted next to the story:Why is JC wearing a French national team jersey? Mexico plays a very important match vs Argentina today, I would wear my Mexican jersey.
  5. I have a brand new one (last one they had anywhere) and I just listed it on ebay because I don't like the slim fit. I like my shirts a little more loose.
  6. I found the episode on youtube. I was trying to get a screenshot of it for my ebay auction. Own a t-shirt just like Phil Laak on HSP!!! LOL!I'll let you guys know if I get any bidders.
  7. It's a cool shirt does anyone remember which episode he wore it on?
  8. I'm pretty sure he's not a Euro player. He's from New York.
  9. I just earned 25k points on FTP so now I have to decide which jersey I want to order. The ones I'm considering are:Basketball, Football and Hockey.I don't really like the baseball one or the soccer one.The basketball one seems cool and I don't have any basketball jerseys. The football one seems cool too and I like football jerseys. The hockey one seems cool and maybe better quality than the others, but I'm not a big hockey fan.The second part of the question is. Would you have it custom made with your own name and number or would you get one of the pro jersey's? Like a Phil Ivey or Mike Matuso
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