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  1. Here's why I will do in trny and why I won't do in cash game.In trny, it involves more luck than skill especially for those short-stacked online tournies. You don't have the luxury to wait for a premium hand on the fast-going blinds structure. My goal is to win and I need to accumulate chips. Win-big-or-go-home. When I determine that I have an edge then I have no problem to shove. In tournament I am more willing to gamble.Now talk about this hand in tourny, I can assume I have a bigger edge in tourny than it's in cash game because players are more willing to gamble and chase with inferior hand
  2. Also if you can figure out a way to get all other 3 players to put all their money in then that's fine (again, the easier way to do that requires you in position). That really depends. But when it's just one-on-one then it's not really a solid cash game poker.
  3. Ok, to make it really simple, just call or fold, it really depends. But if you can't try to understand the general concepts, the fundations of poker, you better quit.
  4. Do you understand the concept of cash game? Do you know that you should in general put money in when you have a much bigger edge when playing cash game? Do you know there were still 3 players in the pot when you raised to $10? How much redraw do you have? How much were you sure about your pot equity? Do you want to maximize your winnings and minimize your losings? Don't you want more money in when you are chasing behind? The point of playing out of position sucks is when your chase failed you lose a lot of money, and when you chased it you don't get paid much most of the time. Now when you put
  5. Suicidal? Smart? Get the $ in now?No. No. No. Go figure.
  6. Ok, sent him an email and now I am at a lo8 final table , wish me luck.
  7. How? It's only a website, I typed in $320 W and it gave me W 256. There's no place to tell. Thanks.
  8. Hi guys, Anyone want to buy my seat? PM me if you would. Anyway Cashmanbrian buys it for $256. If you can gimme 280 I will be happy to sell it. I am not really interested in tournies, just spent 700x4 FPPs to play around and got lucky. Now I will be spending some fpps on the entry of $500+30 lo8 and trying my luck. Sorry I haven't posted it here for a long time, partly because of heavy work load and partly because the company I work for banned all the gambling sites. Sigh! Anyway good luck.
  9. On the flop you have only MP (~$12 left) behind you and the pot is ~$16.You are either way ahead or way behind, either way you won't make too much money from this hand. Bet half of the pot and see what's going on. One thing you can be sure is if there are two or more callers/raisers then you are most likely way behind. If it's one player then it depends on the position, your read and your vaillain's stack size, and it's ok to be bluffed out for this hand. Just don't forget to utilize your 'weak-tight' image for the next hands.Also how exactly to proceed depends on your image and your villains'
  10. Not to try to discourage or anything, but I just logged into PS to check and all I saw is one table above $400. Yeah at lower limits if you want to nutpeddle some easy pocket changes then it's fine, but the problem is the nature of this game, as it progresses the pond just dries up. It's sad but oh well have fun.As of plo8 tournaments, without deepstack it's just a crapshoot.
  11. I really don't think your raise will work it out well for you most of the time. It doesn't matter what limits you are playing, or in another word, what kinds of players you are facing.Without reads, then I am assuming in general it can be safely reduced to that BB is most likely having two kinds of hands, he has a made hand (not necessarily with huge strength) or he's also trying to draw on the turn.If he had a made hand, he will be much likely to call on the river because low limit passive call stations will call no matter what, and higher limit players who understand the pot odds a little be
  12. I will bet.Lo8 tournament players are more likely to be either weak-tight call stations or crazy gamblers but this table looks weakish. It will be checked around more often than not, and if you check the only likely bettors will be those who are holding the non-nut flush.In general, I believe that if you bet you will get more callers and hence more money than you check waiting for a check-raise.Look if no one has anything then it will be checked around, and if someone had a drawing hand such as boat draw then you are giving free roll. When you bet the call stations are more likely to call then
  13. I think the preflop play is judgemental. The flop play is standard because I don't believe there's too much fold equity if we made the pot big already on the flop, I will instead keep it smaller then we may increase our f.e. later on.As played on the turn, I will bet out more often (given no read). Without reads and from the betting patterns BB looks like an aggressive player. To extract more money against aggressive players is to bet, they will raise you more often than not when they have a decent hand, then you can 3-bet on them.
  14. Fold this hand even in PLO. We have no improvement facing two opponents who might or might not have improvements while one is clearly showing strength. It's not worth it to invest so much more to win so little back while taking the risk to lose them all.The situation magnifies much more in plo8.
  15. Checky, I read that a little while ago but didn't reply before (shtty of workloads from my job, as you may have known, being a software developer can be very busy and very relaxing sometimes). I think your reasonings were good and sound but I disagreed with your dismissal of betting on the flop.As the level moves up the players get more aggressive, the preflop raiser is almost guranteed to continue to bet on the flop so you reasoned for a CR. But if I know that when I bet then the aggressive preflop raiser is very likely to raise (aggressive players are likely to be ego players as well) then I
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