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  1. Heyo ****eringers I hope no one has called in sick lately. This forum needs a new server! What's new here? How many people still post here? My dog teabagged my wife in her sleep last night. At least it wasn't a spider that crawled into her mouth. Love you all! Even you! Pants off, Ouch
  2. I assumed it was an SNL parody at first and that it was Ferrel.
  3. you're a-ok in my book, whiskers.
  4. Haha, very funny. EDIT: Oh, would you look at that? I thought I was still the easter island guys. You missed a good joke imo.
  5. it's easy, watch:"US$" problem is, it's not funny.
  6. I had the new wendy's burger today (it was just introduced to Canada). It was fine but not significantly different than before. Many of the changes have been in place here for over a year, the biggest difference was the buttered bun and the cost ($8 for a regular size combo? wtf?). Pretty good burger though.
  7. I want to be stuck on a desert island with a yacht.
  8. I watched The Human Centipede (First Sequence) and wished I had access to showstopper's double-time feature.
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