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  1. 2 things. Chrozzo, as far as I am concerned, you started this craft beer craze for me. And 2. SuitedAces21 i hate Kansas.
  2. FCP Bob. A bit of a flashback for me and probably many others. I can’t believe my login worked! I was never huge in the POKER forums, but I had some love for the off topics (chrozzo was ahead of this craft beer curve, literally got me involved prior to anyone else I knew). Was that a run on sentence? Probably. I don’t care. Is there any online poker available these days? Global.poker. Says some sweepstakes garbage. Black Friday still haunts us? I do have local poker rooms, just haven’t had time to make the trek. You are the man. This place was the shit and could be again someday. I hope
  3. Stumbled on this and immediately thought of this thread. Hope all is well Chrozzo.
  4. Just looked at the weigh-in photos for tonight's event. Rampage looks terrible. I like Rampage, but it sure appears that it is over. Now, he will probably catch Bader and KO him in the first.....just enough to collect another paycheck in a couple months.
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=playe...;v=zMK9FKMG3Nc#!
  6. Matt Cassel was a pro bowler last year. Rumor has it Cotton Bowl players will get an I-Pad.
  7. That Angel Hernandez sure doesn't have much respect around the league. The KC radio and TV crews barely even hide their disdain for him anymore, and in that video the Boston crew obviously feels the same.
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