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  1. Yucky river and river bet there. Although we're probably up against 87 here a decent amount of the time.
  2. You have a decent amount of fold equity here I would assume. But I'm not the type of the guy who commits a full buy-in on a hand like this. I'd flat call on the flop and if i miss on the turn I would probably check-fold if he makes a big bet or check-call if he makes a small bet.
  3. Well it wasnt a terrible flop for you, but I dont think i would've led with a big pot-sized bet like that. But after having done so, and with both players calling you, I dont know how much more money i want to put into this pot. I'm guessing one of them flopped a set.
  4. Implied odds arent that great. Villain only had 110 left after his raise. Not to mention we have to worry about the UTG limper who could limp-reraise and lock us out of the pot, or if he folds we've lost our chance to rake in a big pot. I'd fold preflop.
  5. I usually lead the turn here for about 15 bucks, and then puke if he pushes in for 29 on top. If i decide to take a different line, I'll probably want to keep this pot small on the turn.
  6. It's possible that support let them chop the dough. Not sure though.
  7. Why is everyone leaving the theatre during this scene? Sounds to me like they're just checking.
  8. At least he was getting near 3 to 1, not the worst call in the world.
  9. Definitely not +ev for your opponent to call with TPTK after a solid flop bet like that from you and with the OR cold calling before him and players left to act behind him. I know a set is tough to fold, but if i'm UTG+1 there's no way I'd call off a big stack like that with the 4th nuts and a lot of draws out there on such a coordinated board with so much action in the hand. In fact, why is he cold-calling the first bet in the first place? He can't get away from the hand no matter what happens anyway.......You were pretty fortunate to get the action you got, but also lucky of course for avoid
  10. This is Hi/lo right? And he doesnt have a low hand if there is a qualifier.....I don't get it.O, and the chances of having the two case queens are twice as high in Omaha compared to HE. Still low odds in general though.
  11. Wow, she looks really average in those pics. Not something i'd expect from an FHM photo shoot. I'd hit it if I were single, but I wouldn't brag about it.
  12. You can bet 5x the pot and it could still be a correct call depending on stack sizes.
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