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  1. thats insane, lol. Talk about knowing your apponent. She knew if she flipped over hers that he would think it was good to show, lol. Anwyays, I think the only way the ruling was correct was because he put his hand in the muck. since you put your cards over the line without calling the raise, the other player/floor view that as a muck, even if you did it face up. Im almost positive if he wouldnt have mucked you woulda got the shaft on that one.
  2. haha, no he froze himself so he could just skip the time he had to wait, but ended up being frozen for 500 years, lol.
  3. "I wonder if their is anyway we can do beer pong in a bracket format"
  4. yea its been illegal in wa for a while.
  5. one thing to think about is how much you get played back at while playin 5/10. When i made the jump from 6/12 to 10/20 i got more people playin back at me. Its not always because they are better player but they also like to build the pot. The 10/20 where i live is pretty soft, just guys with more money. Anyways, my point is that you might wanna buy in with 2 racks(grand) if you still plan on playin alot of hands. Most people here just buy in with one rack. Anyways, gl and im sure youll do good.
  6. sounds like a good time, but i doubt those pros were playin 10/20...maybe 25/50. Ima be there in bout 2 weeks for bout 10 hrs, lol. Hopefully ill get in a good session tho.
  7. Hey, I remember readin that dn likes to watch some tv poker as a learnin tool about his opponents. So that got me thinkin, is there a way, or do any pros have a way to get the un-edited film of all that hands and table cams? I know it would be hours worth of film, but just wondering if they get it.
  8. this was wierd for me too, the 6/12 kill i play is, if the same player wins 2 pots in a row, the second one being more than like 20 bucks, it then doubles and goes to 12/24. So quick side question, when the pot looks like its over a hundo, they stop, count it, and then say its going to 10/20?
  9. yup...everyone is their to make money. Talk, have a good time, but in the end, your their to make money and it doesnt matter whos it is.
  10. yea, it was the right move, but i guess what makes it worse is when i did go all in with the blinds at like 1500/3000, i had kk's and made it like 7500 in lp and the chip leader just pushed with his stack of like 50k in the bb, i put the rest in, like 6500, and he ofcourse had AA, lol gg me. went out in like 12th
  11. yea, i prolly shoulda just not looked at the hand...lol. like MJ said tho, it was an easy fold at the time, it was just after seeing the flop, it made me consider that I was playing to tight. I guess I was just pissed that one of my pocker pairs woulda FINALLY hit, and I wasnt in the hand.
  12. nooo i know he isnt going to fold, i just thought he was weak for smooth callin in mp with that big of a stack.
  13. So im playin in my local tourny, buy in $110, get 2500 in chips, blinds go up every 25min...anyways, to the hand. I forget what level, but the blinds are 750/1500, i have about 10.5k and im in the bb. I just got moved to my new table sittin in my first hand, i get 77, utg folds, utg+1 moves all in for about 7.8k one guy just smooth calls which i found odd since he had about 20k, back to me, i cant just call, but i was seriously contemplating pushing since the guy who just smooth called seemed very weak. Is their anyway i can push here??? anyways, i fold and my reads are good, they both have
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