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  1. Best signature picture I've ever seen!
  2. Thanks everyone. I'll be heading out tomorrow.I was asking what people are wearing to find out what type of players and see if I would stand out in a UB jacket (bought with fpp). The jacket just happens to be super comfortable, but I don't want to looke like a douch so I'll probably keep it at home. The OSU sweatshirt will have to do.Wish me luck (cuz I'll need it).
  3. Thanks for the support. I'll ask nicer.Is anyone playing in this? What types of players typically play?
  4. Anyone playing the Venetian Deep Stack this Friday. I get in town on Thursday night and am planning on playing.If you've played before, any advice? What kind of players are typically in these tournaments? Are there alot of poker site shirts, hats, jackets, sunglasses, hooded sweatshirts, etc.?Thanks!
  5. I did send my address right after you requested it, so I should have my hat very soon.Thanks again!
  6. Thanks. I was just about to send you an e-mail asking if they had been sent out.
  7. It looks like they've almost doubled the points need to clear bonuses. The only reason I like playing on UB is because you used to get your bonus cleared evertime you left a table. Now it takes more points (even though you earn them faster it doesn't even out) and you only recieve your cash when you clear $5. I guess it is still better than most sights.Let me know if you have any different thoughts on this.
  8. Is anyone going to Mountaineer Casino in West Virginia for the first poker tournament in WV history (presumably at a legal casino)? $100 buy in (300 max entry). http://www.mtrgaming.com/gaming/poker_schedule.htmlAlso, has anyone been there to play poker recently? I've been there when it was only slots. I believe they just added table games in the last month or so.
  9. I had a good time playing the HORSE on 7/17. Someone even swapped me some Pstars money to play. I'm definely going to try and play again. Although, the next day at work was rough staying up until 1:30am.
  10. I'll give somebody $11 on Full Tilt for $11 on PStars to play tonight.PStars: migs4747FTP: Tiger47
  11. Nothing but love. Some of us don't have time to search everytime we post. I didn't see anything about it on the front of the general forum, so I just started a topic. I guess I'm going to hell.I suggest that FTP gets rid of the post counts that way people don't post useless things just to increase their count. Just a thought.
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