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  1. From my experience all the small stakes O8 games have horrible players. At the lowest levels you'll find tons of people that often don't know how to play at all.
  2. I'm not sure what kind of coverage the books give to the draft but the rumors about cutting back on cocktails are true. It varies from joint to joint, but it seems most places do drink tickets with wagers now.
  3. You're not kidding, that eBay "item" is priceless. 437 views, no bids.
  4. Cool report, and I am looking forward to part two. Meanwhile, I'm also really excited because I'm staying at the Venetian in a couple of weeks and I couldn't think of anything more appealing than taking A-Rod's money. GO SOX!
  5. My wagers tonight:total over 9.5 1st quarterPats -9.5 1st halfPats total over 30Will be a score in the first 6:30I wanted to bet Moss to score first TD but the line was terrible. I'm contemplating a ridiculous bet of Moss, Welker, and Faulk all to score TDs. Pays 13-1.
  6. /raises handI found it boring and really unfunny, but I'm only judging on the first few, which is all I bothered to read.
  7. This series of challenges has been great for my game. I had around ten random bucks in my PS account but I registered for the challenges and my first order of business was winning one of the $11 tourney seats in the freerolls. I withdrew, took the T$ and my ten bucks, and set out to grind out the 100 points for silver star in December. I have since run my roll up to about $80 (obv. brag post) but it has been fun and having such a small margin of error has been great for my discipline. I plan to keep it up. So, in other words...thanks FCP!
  8. And they held up all ten times. That's a pretty effective way to win lots of money.
  9. You may be the first person ever to quit with a cashout rather than a bustout. GL with school and your marriage.
  10. Not at all unethical. It's punishing his stupidity for letting you see the cards.
  11. I can handle two tables at a time but any more than that seems a little excessive for me.
  12. I completely agree, it drives me nuts too. Oh, and pancakes>waffles.
  13. ccmcc33 (little rock)So this grasshopper walks into a bar, and the bartender says "hey, we've got a drink named after you!" So the grasshopper says "Really? You've got a drink named 'Bob?'"
  14. I think it's a fairly easy number to reach if he has any extra baggage right now. And the heavier (fatter) he is, the easier it will be for him to drop pounds in the beginning. I speak from my own fat-ass experience, having lost about 70 this year, and let me tell you, the first 35 was much faster than the second 35.Other things to think about, strictly from a wagering point of view: it would be really easy for him to tank up on water weight and boost his weigh-in number late in the day, thus pumping the number up artificially. If you trust the guy and it is more of a friendly wager, then t
  15. Happy to help. I was actually surprised to see that so many places offer it.
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