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  1. Probably 98% of those who visit this forum would do her in a heartbeat and that includes the females. For the 2% of you that are holding out for the girl you met at the Rhino last time you were in Vegas, it will be a long wait until you can afford her. You better start playing higher limits.
  2. I have the same problemYou are playing way above your online roll - you have some immediate success and build it rapidly.Then you experience the variance, get tilted and blow the entire thing.Re-deposit - then you repeat the cycle.
  3. Rock Band kicks assJust like the OP, me and my teenage kids play it, they are now connected with my generation of music and I am connecting with theirs.I suck at the drums but kick ass on vocals.
  4. I'm with Merby on this one - Number 937 is the worst. Whats even worse is if they buyin for the min and do it.
  5. #1 The tight ass player who continually berates the maniac with all the money, where the maniac just gets up and leaves.
  6. Just say you make a living by taking advantage of people who are not as smart as you
  7. Bet it all on Red, if you win play the WSOP ME and use the rest on blow and hookers. Your odds of making money on the roulette wheel are much better then you cashing in WS.
  8. Been railing - looks like you are card dead, good luck
  9. All of the above - but not enough money in the bank
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