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  1. I love ur avatar. It can come in handy for bad beats.
  2. Sorry I didnt get the email from stars saying someone shipped me monies.I did make it in with a few spots left though, thanks!
  3. How do you pay with a 20 and change and get 13 back?
  4. See this is why you're so god damn stupid. You know nothing about me either but you wanna pretend like you do. I don't have a family to provide for, so dont talk like you're all righteous because you have one to provide for. I dont play poker for a living either.
  5. I'm worthless?? What have you contributed to anything? Maybe you teach retarded children to spell or something and we don't know about it, so please let us know of your worth.
  6. Guys dont try and argue with Pivvy, he'll throw his thesaurus at you. Pretty sure Pivvy would just multi post a buncha "drivel" that no one would read.
  7. Thats strange because cashouts over 1000 are suppose to be fedex'd to your house. It should also be shipped the next day, and u receive it the day after its shipped. Below 1000 usually takes 10 - 14 regular days. Yes I have cashed out over 1000 before believe it or not.
  8. Yea I have, and they were also located in Canada where those retarded rules do not exist.
  9. Weed parafanalia (sP) is not illegal to sell.
  10. You can make a pretty effective bong with a glass bowl and an ordinary water bottle.
  11. Ya. . . I was playing like 7 sngs at once. But I'm only playing the $1, $2 ones.I dunno about the stars survey, its the second time I've gotten it. They just ask you questions about how support has treated you when you've asked them for help. 10 questions, dont even read it just check them off and they ship u the points.
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