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  1. I do not post often if at all but I enjoy the site great reading. I have posted a hand below to see if I should have just folded AA preflop. Late in tourney just before bubble. I am 2nd in chips and the chipleader who has 38K raises. One caller follows. I look down at AA. I decide I want to end this hand here and now just befoe bubble. I raise all in. Chipleader folds what I want the most. The next guy calls his 16K. I am thinking if I raise all in as 2nd place in chips how can this guy call. He has to put me on AA or KK at worst! He ends up floping Quads. I make the money but not
  2. That list was selected by a public vote....but I agree
  3. Just on a side note about this news. If you visit Cardplayer.com and click on their CardplayerTV segment for today you can hear them talk about poker coming to PEI. The funny thing is they actually say Prince Edward Island is of the coast of North Carolina. No mention that is part of Canada. It is too funny you need to check it out.http://www.cardplayer.com/tv
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