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  1. So any time frame when stars will be operating for US players? I wonder if it will cause a resurgence in pokers popularity?
  2. Is that phi; ivey pic real? that is some clownshoe shit right there .
  3. LOL and apparently the other part only takes a couple weeks so no problems.
  4. i could play with a 50/50 stake. $2 dollar tourneys are to high for my BR but I do it anyway, I am a craaaaaazy gambler.
  5. Usually if i am wearing sunglasses it is because i am ****ed up and don't want people to see me nodding off at the table.
  6. I wish i had an awesome emo haircut and 2 million dollars.
  7. I don't feel like he was obligated to give you anything really. But it is cool that he did.
  8. I am to busy playing 1 dollar sng's to mess with vegas this week.
  9. lol i know right. I am gonna keep at it. It is just frustrating sometimes. I am playing the lowest levels possible right now basically trying to make a bankroll out of nothing. But I have been disciplined about playing within my measly BR and when I get mad I just quit instead of tilting off money. How are you doing these days Kobe? Havent talked to you for a couple years I think lol.
  10. I quit for 2 years because I couldn't deal with the bullshit suckouts anymore. I have played about 20 games and I am already ready to ****ing quit again. Constantly seeing donkeys get rewarded for being idiots just doesn't appeal to me anymore.
  11. My personal experience with barry greenstein is limited. I was watching him play some tournament on stars and had a small conversation about why he likes cali better than vegas and then told him if I ever ran into him anywhere I was gonna mention this conversation and have him sign my copy of his book and he said he would and was real cool about it. I have seen alot of the "bigger" pros on pokerstars that won't even talk to the railbirds. I thought it was pretty cool myself , I mean he didn't even have to acknowledge me really. I know it isnt a huge cross section of his personality or anything
  12. Good job NNB! Where was this tournament?
  13. Not exactly poker related but my buddy threw out a good idea tonight. An app that makes your itouch work like a set of digital scales.
  14. You can't do that on television gets my approval. Anyone remember sk8 tv?
  15. Seemed legit to me. I don't really care for new Scotty anyway , he did act like a jackass , just sucks for him that it was at the FT of the 50k Horse instead of some 500 dollar tourney in Iowa or something lol.
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