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  1. Yep, as of today, according to highstakesdb.com, durrrr is down almost 3.25M for the month
  2. Last year he made about $5.4M online. So actually he's given half of that back so far this year.Here's a related thread about it: http://www.highstakesdb.com/forum/Topic286425-27-1.aspx
  3. Online poker for the year so far (per highstakesdb.com):Antonius +$2,924,163.40 Hansen +$2,406,406.89LarsLuzak -$1,566,874.25 durrrr -$2,780,874.79
  4. From highstakesdb.com:High Stakes Online Poker Results(All sites, All Gametypes, 2009-01-01 to 2009-01-16)Winners Results Patrik Antonius $2.583.389,70 Gus Hansen $1.408.991,35 Ziigmund $1.015.016,50 Mafews $280.397,75 DaEvils $222.729,85OnTheRize $213.605,00 Eli Elezra $170.327,05 David Benefield $166.797,00 sunra18 $162.874,50 thaaj2004 $149.623,75 Losers Results durrrr $-2.149.472,75 Phil Ivey $-83
  5. 2009 not a good year so far for durrrr.Last year he made approximately $5.4M online.This year in just 2 weeks he's lost about $2.1M.
  6. On FTP you can play from the same IP address as long as it's a multi-table tourney.
  7. I keep hearing what a great 4 hour battle the HU portion of the final table was.Of course, we only got to see 2 hands of it. RIDICULOUS.Now that it's all over, is there a way to watch an uncut video of it anywhere??
  8. Haven't seen him around in a long time. Has he officially retired?
  9. Never apologize to a douche. Your first post was fine.
  10. http://www.pokertube.com/Movies.aspx?movie...ally_Apologizes
  11. I just saw the episode in question (been on DVR for a while).I agree that Nguyen showed a complete lack of class.Erik was actually rooting for the "kid" after he got busted, which shows what an ass Scotty has become. I'll be rooting against him from now on.
  12. Daniel seems to imply that there won't be a season 5.Yet I read this: http://www.pokerkingblog.com/2008/07/17/hi...r-fifth-season/which seems to indicate there will be.I had to get a stupid sports package just to get GSN, so I want to cancel the package if the 5th season is a no go.Anybody with any more info on this?
  13. The match just ended after Phil busted seda1 for about 700K
  14. Uh, this is the stupidest thing you've seen? Maybe he didn't believe the guy had aces?
  15. Well, there's also the rap... <shudder>
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