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  1. no worries trebor is still here at least.odd when I stole 50 bucks I was 17 in high school.Now im 22 and about to graduate from college.Time sure flies doesn't it?Id gladly send that KFC avatar guy his 50 now if he wanted it lol. I feel bad.
  2. lol @ people reiterating how marketable DN is on his own Poker Forum.
  3. http://cakepoker.com/blog/En/post/Isildur1...Sundin-041.aspx"Mystery Swede no longer, Mats Sundin admits to being Isildur1.A pair of media outlets in Stockholm, including Sportradion, are reporting some big news - the mysterious super high-stakes poker player previously known only as Isildur1 is actually retired hockey pro Mats Sundin. According to these reports, Sundin's agent will be making the official announcement later today.While he's kept his identity private until now, Isildur1/Mats Sundin has stepped forward to reveal his identity, in preparation for a live appearance at the upcoming
  5. interesting. my friend said a charge made to his debit for about 200+ that he made a week ago was erased from his online history since last night around 10. I think this might be related.. wonder if he'll get re-charged for it :x
  6. http://www.xtranormal.com/watch/6265687/his official statement
  7. "My trailer will have a bed, a kitchen, Direct TV, DVD player, etc. There won't be ANY money in my trailer so if you are thinking about robbing me you'll be very disappointed. All you'll likely get are some vegan snacks and some Figi waters. I don't carry any money to and from the WSOP at all. I don't wear any 'bling" either. I don't own a credit card, so seriously, go rob someone else, I'm worthless to you."
  8. foreal though daniel can only be nice about it because deeb can smash him in a fight. freddie deeb too for that matter.
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