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  1. Good job Daniel, as this brought me back to FCP for the first time in ages. I haven't seen some of these names in forever. I may be the only person who picked Huck in his group, but I just love the guy.
  2. What opinions go you all have of the ss O8 games?
  3. It really varies depending on what I am doing. Some days it may be around noon or on until late in the evening. That's what got me thinking about if there are a certain where my EV was higher or lower.
  4. I was wondering if you guys have opinions on what times and days are the most profitable based on the caliber of opponents. I play small stakes and mainly on Full Tilt and an in the Central Time Zone. Do any of you have an opinion on which days and times have the largest percentage of poor players?
  5. I saw where Doyle's room was going to the Cake network and was thinking about opening my first account with them. Are there any poker websites that offer initial free money or rakeback? It seems like there was a bonus site that I signed up for Full Tilt on that gave me 50 bucks or so a few years ago. How and/or what would you guys suggest? Thanks.
  6. Thanks. "Math is idiotic" - Joe Seebok"The Asians"
  7. What do you do with KK?Gavin: FlatcallWhat do you do with 46o?Gavin: FlatcallWhat do you do with xxx?Gavin: FlatcallNow I have it all figured out.
  8. Thanks. Do you guys think Gavin will be able to keep his bet of not drinking until Nov. 4th?
  9. Freedy Deeb was on the other day. So, does anyone know who sings the song with "I'm the King of these new days"?
  10. Is it Freddy Deeb who has the "Barry Greenstein" quote they always use?
  11. What about the intro/outro the goes "I'm the king of these new days ......". They use it a lot. Oh, and the sounds Shronk uses are great. What is the "derka derka derka" one from?
  12. That song is so funny. All In For Jesus is pretty unforgetable as well.
  13. Was just wondering if any of you guys knew the names of some of the songs Ali, Joe, Gavin, etc. use on the show. Like the "Who the hell is this, emailing me, at 11:26." I found the win with an Ace High song on youtube, but didn't know if anyone know of some of the others. Thanks.
  14. This is the most amazing burger eating feat I have ever heard of. Joey Chestnut ate 103 Krystals in 8 freeking minutes. http://www.krystalsquareoff.com/headlines.php?s=101
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