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  1. Los of good ones so far. Here are a few more. All for different reasons:Foo Fighters: All my life = gets the blood pumpingLed Zeppelin: Going to California = slows the blood downPink Floyd: Money = instant recognition. And who doesn't like the sound of money?
  2. My apologies, I had never read this idea iterated on the forum before so I didn't realize it was common knowledge. Sorry for being so stupid amongst such a brilliant group of Internet contributors.
  3. Would you agree that, ironically, as the skill level of the average poker player increases, luck actually becomes a greater factor?
  4. I didn't know Brandon Cantu is an UB pro. Here is a quote from his bio (Brandon Cantu Bio):If you had the opportunity to play poker against five famous people, who would they be and why? John Elway – All-Time sports idolBrandon Roy (Portland Trailblazers) – Favorite athletePhil Hellmuth – I'd love to win pot after pot off of him and watch him go crazy!lol. so which one of these guys counts as 3 people?
  5. I wish I had an e-BJ problem.UB told me I had a $25 dollar 'gift', two bad beats later = $0.... and yes, their software is beyond ugly.
  6. What does being a fan of hardcore have to do with it?
  7. Yes, I think his personality is more unlikeable than anything he may have done in his past. I don't know, to me it looked like Saout was completely baked. If true, he might just be the most marketable young poker player of all time!
  8. From what you describe, I think there is a good chance that your problem is all of the crap on your desktop. I believe Explorer manages the desktop so if there is a ton of stuff on it, it might cause the resource issues you are seeing. Try cleaning up the desktop directly from the file system. Go to C:\Users\Yournamehere\Desktop and delete stuff you don't need.
  9. zoo


    From 3 to 5 years old I would say 'twick o tweet'.when I was 6 until I was 11 I would say 'trick or treat'.Now I just say 'give me head girl dressed as a whore on Halloween'
  10. zoo

    Things You Hate

    1. Any clothing with a logo on it (hard to avoid for some things like shoes) and the dumb asses that will go out of their way to pay extra because it has said logo. WTF are you thinking? The company should be paying you to walk around like a human billboard advertising their $30 T-Shirt made by some poor kid from Thailand at a cost of $0.10 to the company per shitty shirt.2. 'Energy' drinks.
  11. Or would want to given the higher cost to play
  12. Yeah, this is what I was getting. No disconnects though. Table would freeze, cards and buttons would disappear. I could still hear the action and would still be prompted to act on my turn but there were no buttons or the buttons wouldn't respond and I would time out.
  13. I guess the problem that I have is that if I can't deposit while sitting on my ass in my tighty whities how the hell are the fish going to figure it out? Worst part is, I don't live in a country that made depositing illegal.
  14. I was having the same problem but the Internet fix from the other 'FTP blows' thread seems to have fixed the issue for me:FTP fix post
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