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  1. $1/2 NL cash game. I opened in 2nd position for $12 with KQo and got 5 callers including the SB & BB. So now there is $72 in the pot. Flop T,J,K rainbow. You are first to act, What would you do if: A) Your remaining stack is $175 B) Your remaining stack is $250
  2. In the Sunday Million, my last Satellite worked out
  3. I have been working a little bit in a computer store with a friend of mine who owns the place so i will give you my 2 cents worth. First, what not to buy. I would stay away from HP, they are going out of the computer business. Stay away from AMD chips and NVIDIA graphic chips, they often overheat and that means a new motherboard which is big $ to repair, often not worth it. Ironically, if you have a laptop with both, it is often too hot to even put on your lap. Dell, poor design and you have to use their parts when repairing = big $We also see a lot of ACER laptops in for repair. What to
  4. I tried to cut and paste a picture but was having problems, any suggestions anyone?facebook funnyThe link works though.
  5. I saw on Berman's call this past Monday on BNN (Business News Network) that he quotes some people as saying that the U.S. would go back on the gold standard. Anybody else heard that?
  6. That may be part of it, but also the rise in global food prices:Concerns over Grains in TunisiaReports: Egyptian and Tunisian riots were driven in part by the spike in global food pricesInflation could lead to political instability, report sayscolbert report watch yesterday's (03/24/2011) episode, look around the 4:30 mark.Time to buy stocks in food companies perhaps. Agrium ( AGU )and Potash ( POT ) come to mind.
  7. Securities fraudster knows when to hold 'em -- he hopes by Justin McLachlan | <script type=text/javascript> /* */ 2 days ago Poker pro and former stockbroker Samuel McMaster Jr. pleaded guilty to 26 counts of securities fraud earlier this month in exchange for a chance to win his freedom, literally. A prosecutor in Arizona agreed that if McMaster could win enough money playing poker to pay back his victims, they won't press for prison time. "McMaster has to make restitution payments of $7,500 a month for the next six months while he throws card in tournaments. If he's not able to prove h
  8. I remember reading something about Stu Unger never trying to buy/steal the blinds until the antes kick in and it makes sense to me. Before the antes start and say you raise 3xBB, you are laying 3 to win 1.5. After the antes kick in you can still raise 3xBB but are getting a much better return on your investment. Plus you look real tight for the first few levels which is a good image to have, and then when you try to steal at a higher level you are more likely to succeed because of your tight image. So you are rewarded for your patience.
  9. Jersey Shore soundboard:[/url]http://www.mtv.ca/tvshows/jersey-shore/situator.jhtml
  10. Well Done Gibler!You kept it up and took it down!
  11. + $350,000and Barry still on a short stack.Keep it up, and take it down!
  12. Well done Gibler! Keep it up, and take it down
  13. I have been playing a lot of Heads - Up Sit & Go tournaments on pokerstars recently and it seems like the 32 person tourney is not a good deal. It looks like the 4 player tourney is the best.Consider this for the $5.25 tournamnet: If I win twice for the 2 person tourney I would profit: $ 9.50If I win twice for the 4 person tourney I would profit: $14.75If I win twice for the 16 person tourney I would profit: $ 6.75If I win twice for the 32 person tourney I would profit: $ 4.75 Check out the attached spreadsheet and tell me what you think.I can't format here for the life of me. Heads_
  14. I did a few years back, but was not that successful. I was a day trader and could recommend some good books & blogs if you like. PM me for more info.
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