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  1. No max buy in at The Wynn. Buy enough to cover the table. Unless you suck.
  2. Forrest at 14th cash game player is pretty bad too.
  3. I shoot for "all of them" as soon as possible. As hard as it is, when done properly it really boosts your hourly rate.
  4. Any idea on how the daily and weekly tournaments around Vegas Pay. I read somewhere that the Bellagio and the Wynn were running daily $1000 tournaments and wanted all the info i could get.A website with this info would be killer.
  5. My biggest win in high school was 2200. Just sayin.
  6. that is unreal. everyone had like twice as many cards as normal. rigged.
  7. So you're asking whether or not I'd wager something with real world value against something that may or may not have any value what so ever? yes. yes i would.
  8. Scot Fischman, for laying on the table when he sucked out on Awada for a bracelet.And McEvoy for standing on his chair when he won the main event.These guys have no class.
  9. 2-2nds out of 4 entries in the UB 20 +2 this weekgood for 250 each. Seriously if you like money play these tournys
  10. I play three or four thess every week. They are LITERALLY the easiest money you can make in the poker world. i would say only get more aggressive. people play badly and you should capitalize. always look out for the guy who thought he signed up for a no limit tourny, cause he wants to leave in a hurry.My results are great and i dont play all that much limit.
  11. I started ITF Tae Kwon Do when i was 12 ish. got 1st Dan around 17 cuz i took summers off for baseball. got my 2nd Dan around 20 then kind of tapered off. If i got back into it i'd be a 3rd Dan within a year and a half.The whole USTF/ITF split really turned me off to the whole thing, though realistically, it affected nothing.Since i was into it for so long its all still up there. its funny what comes out when you need it. A "friend" "jokingly" pulled a knife on me. now he claims i broke his wrist. i dont even know what happened.
  12. essay

    The Hideout

    yeah. thats why i like it here
  13. essay

    The Hideout

    I come around every now and again when i want attention but dont want to be made fun of. i play a little on party but currently have no money there. I'm looking into schduling more of these limit tournys though cuz they're easy.
  14. essay

    The Hideout

    Now I'm really upset. I entered the 20 + 2 Limit Hold 'em friday.Played Well. Won it. +460I entered the 20 + 2 Limit Hold 'em yesterday.Played well. Won it. +460I entered the 10 +1 6-max limit tournament Today.Played Well. Won it! +360AND UB SHUT DOWN AND I CAN'T PLAY ANYMORE.I'll admit i may be on the longest lucky streak of my life but for god's sake why can't i continue it?
  15. essay

    The Hideout

    I am currently winning the hell out of a limit tourny on UB and it froze up on me.I am furious.Thought you guys should know
  16. I still haven't seen that episode. would someone explain in detail what the hell he was talking about?
  17. theres that.and theres putting in the third bet "to find out where you're at." I feel that, some how, you should have figured this out sooner.
  18. Actually winners pay the rake. when i lose i leave thinking to myself "at least i didnt pay that damn rake"
  19. Dear Daniel,If you're taking requests I could use some cash. Next time you're out with friends just pass the hat.Thank you,essay
  20. How funny would it be if he wasn't playing a gmae at all? It was just a word document.
  21. Why in God's name would anyone want to play on this. Online poker doesn't have to mimick real poker.When you play chess online do you have to suffrer through people calling you a geek, having things thrown at you, and the stench of nerd-dom? Then why should you have to hear chips click and watch some prick roll his cards like he's hot sh*t cuz he made quads?
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