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  1. I feel like he either had 45 or two pair. I don't think he had the flush draw and believe if you called you won. If he had the bottom set he would have shoved on the turn.
  2. Phil is up there, but at least online, Brian usually gets the better of him.
  3. I believe the bet was to win an event not to make it to the final table, And no my fav. player does not have to mean that he is the best player. While Daniel is my fav player, i don't believe he is the best poker player right now. You have a guy like Brian Townsend who will play maybe five events this world series and hes already up 1.8 million without cashing. The guy kills on FTP everyday and now hes playing live and he recorded his biggest win ever. If i had to bet he is the best poker player out there right now, but you probably will not see him once when the world series airs.
  4. You assume Ivey lied because Ram said so. I believe that Ram is lying or isn't remembering exactly what happened. Ivey did NOT lie!!!! Ivey told them the absolute truth, "The last time I played Erick he gave me 5 a side. I beat him on the front so we adjusted down to 3 on the back." Wow, Now I am a big fan of yours Daniel, but I think its about time you let Ivey handle his own battle. To call Ram a lier when you were not there is not fair to him. Non of us can be sure of what exactly happened on the course so we have to give everybody the benefit of the doubt.
  5. The answer to this problem is very simple people. Everyone seems to agree here that what Ivey did was a hustle, which may or may not hinder him from getting any other golf game in the future. By the way you can call it Hustling or cheating it dosnt matter. Now, you have Ram and Marc who either got hustled or cheated at the game. What's the worse that could happen to them, they have to put up the money up front the next time they play golf with anyone (which I highly doubt). I think we all agree that if you catch someone cheating you don't pay them(not saying he cheated). Also, if you cat
  6. I keep hearing rumors that you are playing on FTP, which is cool since most of the big games are there. If you are please let your fans know so we can cheer you on man.
  7. You can always call ftp support and see what they say.
  8. I heard that they give their U.S customers over to full tilt poker and doyle himself has started to play there. I would check to see if your money is on full tilt poker now....
  9. I downloaded nero 7.0 and burned it to a dvd but still it will not play on my playstation 2, which usually plays all my dvd's. Do i need to get a regular DVD player.
  10. If I have a Movie clip and I want to put it on a DVD that I can watch on my regular DVD player what software do I need. name of the software would be appreciated.
  11. TY all. I got it now. I'm trying out to be a dealer at a local joint and have to pass some sort of test. Pretty sure thats the hardest thing they will ask me to do.
  12. ok guys, is there a quick way to figure out the pot in pot limit, someone told me its the bet plus whatever thats in the pot. Not sure if that right, can someone explain it and give an example...ty
  13. gotta love the comment after, now we go on and win the whole thing. If he was playing to win then he should have played them each time. I would never lay it down. If i could go heads up with someone with aces ill take my chances for any amount of money.
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