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  1. Honestly, I wasn't expecting bodily contact at all but he put his arm around me uninvited haha
  2. My old mans got season tickets over there, sent me the shirt for xmas. Fielder on the back
  3. Fair enough, I will concede on this point.I would guess my view on this is biased as I come from a corner of the world (the southern hemisphere) which has little participation or mainstream interest in Ice Hockey at all.In saying that tho, I went to an Admirals game last time I was visiting my Dad in Milwaukee and it was fantastic! Especially the fights haha. His wife was trying to get us to go to college hockey because 'theres no violence'. Err sorry no sale!
  4. I dont have evidence which is why I only said half the worlds countries, I imagine its more like 90% have absolutely zero interest in ice hockey. Theres only id say half a dozen countries which take it seriously?Ive been following the Togo incident since it happened, as I have the whole African Cup of Nations tournament and have read plenty on it. It had absolutely nothing to do with football. Were the attacks on the Sri Lankan cricket team in India by terrorists cricket violence? The Israeli team being attacked at the Munich Olympics must be an example of those Olympic holigans aswell then.An
  5. Ice Hockey is not a worldwide sport, if almost noone in more than half the worlds countries could name one ice hockey player then it isnt even close.And how is the Togo national teams bus being shot up by Angolan rebels an example of soccer violence? They were in the wrong place at the wrong time, it had absolutely nothing to do with football.
  6. Since I could talk Getting frustrated with us at the moment tho, bottled it agiant Liverpool and just know we are going to choke for 4th this season.
  7. I was at the Scotland vs Norway game, where they got everyone to hold up the bits of paper to turn the stadium into two giant flags. We were right in the middle of the Scotland end, it was fantastic.
  8. Anyone interested? Going? Playing?I went down today for a look at the first days play. First time ive seen any poker stars really so was a strage experience. Watched Ivey and Dwan for a while who were drawn at the same table along with that annyoing Croc guy.Gus Hanson was doing a book signing so I got a book and photo, nice guy.
  9. Completely agree with JC.I went to France 98 and it was one of the greatest experiences ive ever had.Ill be taking time off work to follow New Zealand, and once they are out England and due to the amount of Spurs in the team.
  10. Hi, Ive been donking around online for a while now but am trying to get serious and have set myself a goal of profiting $2k this year from poker.To start my way there ive deposited $60 on Stars and am grinding the 1c/2c.I was hoping someone might be able to give me some common bankroll management rules for moving up limits as I go, or moving back down if things get rough.At the moment im thinking of moving up when I have 20 buyins of 100 big blinds each for the next level and dropping back down if I get below 15 buyins.Is this about standard? On the conservative or loose side of the general co
  11. Cheating is cheating, in the forum they chose to play Isildur on the rules clearly state this is cheating.If you make the assumption as I do that they backed him aswell, it turns into team play imo. There is no evidence but I wouldnt be surprised if there wasnt an element of ghosting going on too.
  12. Yea except for in the Andy Beal match both sides knew all the facts about who they were playing against, that doesnt sound like the case in this one.
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