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  1. there are no people playing at those levels who can hang with the big boys. they might have the POTENTIAL to hang with the big boys, but the games play so different that they would need a ton more hands/experience at "big boy" stakes to eventually get good enough to hang there. but at the same time there will be people playing at those stakes who play just as good or better than if the high stakes players moved down and played in the lower limit games until the HSP adjusted and got some experience in.
  2. i think even at midstakes his play is pretty standard.AA,KK,QQ and AK (even offsuit) will never be folded preflop. THese are all considered the nuts. (i don't remember, but he was about 100bb deep?)AK holds up well vs many holdings (also card cancelation of AA and KK) and dominates a lot of hands that continue past 3betting at these stakes. Someone who has durrrs image wouldn't even need to think twice about shipping in his AK in preflop. i'm sure he'd do it even if he was deeper, (not in the same line i'd assume, but he'd be willing to get it in with AKs 200 bb deep). also he'd be willing to
  3. i always thought that PLO was the tough game and NL the easy?didn't the top players all move to PLO b/c NL was "solved" and the edge was very small (at the highest stakes), whereas, PLO is deeper and not fully understood yet, so it has bigger edges?
  4. Hi everyone. it's been awhile. I haven't posted my lastest video b/c i've been working with deuces cracked and wasn't sure if that was considered spamming. but for my lastest episode it's on youtube only since i've done something different and it used a clip from a german movie called der untergang. if you watch youtube there are a bunch of these out where they resub it to whatever they like in a humourous way (xbox live, wow, poker). pre clip info: nio nio = account on ub that was banned for being able to see the opponents cards. cornell fiji is a moderator on 2+2 that was supposed to do
  5. wow MM is a funny man.i wish i was able to find that classic thread for anyone who hasn't read it about his ramblings on why he'd rather have AQ than JJ.
  6. welcome to the world of online poker surprises.hidden fees, super users, chip dumping, angle shooting, cover ups, collusion, poker bots, data mining and HUDs.
  7. great write up. i particularly enjoyed your phil h. comment to him. one of these things just doesn't sit right with me... i think it's party poker.
  8. if you're accepting small bets. i'm in for 275, hoping to win 200. pm if this is okay and how to transfer funds.
  9. okay. i would like to book 10 dollars that Prof. Charley Swayne does not make it to the final 30 of a WSOP event. the events in question must have at least 31 people registered.
  10. good and bad news for you seattleallstar. good news is while in vegas hott chic just so happened to read your forum post and it melted her beautiful heart. she really wants to contact you but the bad news is she is unable to b/c of one of her many prop bets she has going: if a forum poster writes to her she is not allowed to contact him back for the next five years (she's already ignored 2 posts by erik ryland and 1 by bizzle.)anyways, the prop bet is for 5k, so if you transfer me the funds in ftp she can cancel the bet. pm me, for hott chic's and your little guy down there's sake.
  11. i went to the wrong college. once you go professional, you're going to have money issues. what's your goal? a modest expectation is to turn a 800 percent increase on your money in 1 month. so like 8k a month. yah, i enjoy the regular SNGs too. it takes more skill to wait a bit longer before the shovefests start. oh, i see you already did the research on this. i feel a bit foolish with my advice then. you know what you're doing. be sure to post what site you decide to play on and your nick on it so we can cheer you on, or have a few fun games with you!!!!
  12. thanks flush. please tell me if you are happy when you get it.
  13. i'm not familiar with the hotels there, but i wanted to say congrats on the marriage.
  14. much appreciated chowds4, you are my very first sale. please update here and tell me how the shirt is and if you like the quality of it. i believe there is a money back gaureentee if you do not like it. wow, i must end my life now b/c of this peice of news you have told me. i thought it should be 24.99. if you buy the 3x size they charge you 28.99? i was not aware of this. i'm sorry if this is the case.EDIT: wow, they do charge more if you buy 3x XL. if they're doing that, they should be charging less for the kids sized ones, which they're not.
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