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  1. Thanks for the reply (as well as the previous poster pointing to M...)Yeah, I was actually thinking more in the early rounds of play rather than the later rounds... That is, I'm often finding myself about mid tourney (half the field eliminated) and with a low enough M (either in Harrington's "Red Zone" or in the lower "Yellow Zone") that I'm relying on luck. To counter this, I've started playing more agressively in the early game to build a bigger stack (the thinking being that larger variance isn't as devestating early on...) So, to try to track myself, I've begun setting targets for some
  2. Anyone care to share thoughts/insights on "how to set chip count targets at various blind levels at MTTs"?I'm trying to look a bit deeping into my game and I'm convinced I'm not setting targets correctly. Reading DN's blogs about the Bellagio tourny got me thinking about how to set the targets pre-game, then adjusting based on "where I'm at now" (that is, I may want to have 5x starting chip count by the 8th level in order to feel "in contention" but if I'm 3x by then, I'll need to re-adjust "how to get to the next level")Thanks for any thoughts you care to share (did a quick search here and
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