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  1. Guess I was wrong. He didnt even seem that surprised when they showed him walking away
  2. has to be photo shopped
  3. Dont waste your time.....possibly the worst movie ever made
  4. Only difference is that Duncan has 4 championships by himself and James quit on his team because he couldn't win with them
  5. Just got back from playing live.....much better than online imo
  6. Anyone seen rcooj around here? We had quite a few bets going totaling a couple K and he has not paid up and is not responding to my PM's
  7. You should have gotten the 8530 you wouldn't have this problem because it is 10 better.
  8. Mark Jackson is probably the most over rated player ever to play...He was ****ing horrible! I'd put Jerry West above Tiny then Payton then Nash... Pippen was not a PG
  9. Warriors suck. Nothing that Bell can do to fix that.
  10. -.06 today. Not bad....all my investments went down today.
  11. Just got back. The Wynn offered mixed games but there was only a small interest list going. The Venetian had a game going but it was higher than 4-8
  12. If this is live i go with McD.................online, Damon AINEC
  13. so DN is now down what $400,000 to Ivey in just bracelet bets this year? He needs to pay up and call off the bet.
  14. Did DN just say something like I just had to recognize who the spook was?
  15. 6 tables left huh?Next time I'm just gonna post a rail call when I register for a tournament.
  16. So thought this was gonna be a joke.........but I guess it is an actual movie........has to be horrible. Won't find out though cause I'm not gonna waste time on it
  17. Reading that post is the biggest waste of 20 seconds I've ever spent
  18. was able to watch episode 1 but cant get episode 2......i suck at searching.....anyone know where I can find the rest of the season? would rather stream than dl but if that is all i can get then im not picky.
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