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  1. no penalties.... but i have to pay back the money that was taken...ill stop posting until it is paid.
  2. .... actually, yes. that does fit better... and actually was a kinda funny. haha
  3. another witty comment..... hahahahhahahahaha, good one bb..... excellent humor sir....
  4. Scam-a confidence game or other fraudulent scheme, esp. for making a quick profit; swindle.........
  5. what bs, you said you would keep it to PM's!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. picks for today *** Basketball NCAA - Cal Santa Barbara -8½** Basketball NCAA - Wake Forest +6½* Basketball NBA - Denver Nuggets -6 * Basketball NCAA - Saint Louis +2½* Basketball NCAA - Notre Dame -1½* Basketball NBA - Philadelphia 76ers +8½** Basketball NBA - Minnesota Timberwolves @ Dallas MavericksTotal U 202add** Basketball NCAA - BYU -6 -110 for Game* Basketball NBA - Los Angeles Clippers +5
  7. meaning, no i dont have a bookie....
  8. the one debit card/ echeck that lets em deposit (Chase Mastercard [the same card i use for all online purchases, just for this reason]) was stolen soon after i lost those bets to wsox. not a lot was over drawn before the bank stopped it, like $500 overdrawn, total loss of like $900 in my part. besides the fact that i have to get back the money i now owe the bank, ive got school and bills to pay. a part time min/wage job is tough cookies... yes i could put the first pay check into wsox wallet, sure i could. but honestly i have to look out for myself first and him next, as bad as that sounds its true.this is personal information that is embarrassing to talk about. I informed wsox, that is was personal matters, and he never really asked much more then that...Edit: i did deposit and ship what i owed to freddec mainly because we have had season long bets for the last year and i bought out for less mid season
  9. just cant help yourself but to try and fight huh? it all comes down to who has the funniest lines here?
  10. That is fine. I am paying it back........ But everyone else bitches about it and in the mean time Wsox says almost nothing. He obviously knows i am paying it back, if i was a "scumbag" like you all think i am, i would have left the forum like EVERY person on that list..... the fact that i have stayed i thought would show that i am paying it back, BUT I JUST ****ING CANT...... if i left and never came back that is one thing..... i am trying to do what is right here. and the only reason i haven't just said "**** it" and left is because believe it or not, I WANT TO DO THE RIGHT THING. If you don't to do any deals with me, that is fine. and i honestly understand, but to go as far to call me vulgar names and honestly humiliate me publicly is a joke in itself. Not one person sent me a pm besides fred and wsox about. and those pm's that i did get, were ****ing civil messages. not hatted "scumbag" filled messages..... Is it shady? yes. is it wrong? yes. but at least i am being honest about it.... And the sportsbetting forum is just somewhere where i can share the information that i have, and hopefully help at least one other person in the forum, i was hoping that eventually the track record would speak for it self and i could assist anyone who cared about it. Its also a place for me to put my thoughts on sports on 'paper' and get feed back to benefit myself AND others.... its not a brag forum, i am not only posting my winnings, i am just putting information out there to entice a conversation on the subject. . . . . I am sorry to wsox and fred, and i was hoping that by sending more then i actually owe would show show that i am actually sorry and not just an ass....
  11. Go to vegasinsider.com, click on the sport you wish to view, then click on 'match-up' I would say that the sharps are betting against the public most of the time
  12. so what the point in paying it back... should i just leave the forum? not pay wsox back?ive been scammed on this shit ass website too, but nobody said shit about that....
  13. no good question......went 0/5 or something like that in one day..... which tapped PS..... i was planning on Depositing right away but couldnt.....
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