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  1. Ty both.No problem Mercury, ta for taking the time to watch.
  2. Actually I joined in late 2004/early 2005 but cannot for the life of me remember which email address the account was associated with and of course the password since I haven't been here for ages. Mostly just stick to the blog. I made the movie myself (although obv. jumped on a meme bandwagon) and put it out there for people to enjoy.An internet forum failing people who are trying to add entertainment or value with one line post count fluffers?Oh yeah right, I forgot.
  3. People who visit 2+2 may have seen this if not enjoy.Warning: subtitles NWS and rude words used so don't click if you think you're going to be offended.http://video.yahoo.com/watch/7506171/19886665
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