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  1. As far as I know there is no search or money transfer.
  2. I heard bad things about a year ago but apparently they changed it and it only takes a couple weeks now. I should cash some out just to see.
  3. Out in 5th for $61 a8<q10. Thanks for the support.
  4. Thanks, 7/7 at a break, huge blinds pushed a few times no callers. I'd put the table number but I know no one has sportsbook/cake or gives a damn.
  5. Sports betting site, Uses Cake's pokerroom I think.
  6. Glavin coming in 9/10. 247 for first.
  7. In a heads up match on PS, I had a 2940 to 60 chip lead. For him to beat me he'd have to double up 5 times and then win another all in for the knock out. So that's what he did, 6 all in preflops and won them all. To put this into prospective, even if i was a 4-1 dog every time, I'd still have a 74 percent chance of winning. However, I had the best hand 4 of the times, I had the over cards to an underpair once, and i was dominated the other. Also, The two hands I was behind, I took the lead after the flop. Anyway, I did the math and he had a 1.2 percent chance for all of those hands to win. Luc
  8. No one has said gold even as a joke, that's great.
  9. I know Rush Limbaugh is all knowing and all seeing.
  10. Imagine the rake in government controlled poker
  11. I play on sportsbook and I guess they use cake pokers poker tables. You normally have to wait a while for a tourney to fill up, especially for 50 or higher. A lot of the players have an account on sportsbook just to bet on sports then wander off to the tables to give it a try so a lot of people don't know what they're doing. I did play a heads up cash game once for 10/20 cents and after about a hundred hands I was down a dollar and he was down ten so I stay away from those now. Overall I like it because I usually stay around the ten dollar stt and ten dollar hu and mtts every now and then. I d
  12. Was that from south park? I remember it from Ocean's 11.
  13. Out in 18th! Can't say I wasn't tilting from the second I entered so that along with how bad I suck at poker a last place finish sounds about right. WHOOOOOOO
  14. I don't want to go to Vegas to bet on beer pong, anyone up for a Chicago beer pong tourney?
  15. cake and sportsbook run the same poker tables right? whats your name?
  16. Down over 18k already, I'm sure he'll suddenly get good and win a million or two.
  17. University of Central Florida graduate, criminal justicePutting the degree to good use working part time at a catering company. Thinking of going back to get my masters but it's a lot more expensive up here and I don't have any money.
  18. Imagine not having to worry at all about taxes, like instead of taxing income, taxing consumption. Not only would you not have to worry about what to claim with your poker winnings, but you wouldn't have to worry about claiming anything and April 15th would be just another day. That's the Fairtax!
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