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  1. Can the Republicans do worse even if they tried?? Control all 3 branches and this is the best they can do for our country???Our country is going to....oh well read the news.
  2. Yeah, i saw this go down and it was pretty insane.
  3. Or If you wanted to be the first to bite a panda...ur too late. http://articles.news.aol.com/news/_a/man-b...S00010000000001
  4. Should be able to if there performance is the most valuable. Don't think Santana this year is worthy but he should get some consideration.
  5. I think for the good of baseball that they have to eventually head towards a salary cap. It would make baseball more interesting year to year. It's just terrible that some teams every year have no chance to compete and some teams can just spend and spend to compete(not that you can blame them). Baseball would just be so much better..imo.
  6. Yeah, not really surprising..with the things he's done and said the last few years.. but hopefully he really gets some help..
  7. Yeah, never woulda thought they made that much but you'd have to be alittle pissed to all of a sudden share the tips.
  8. jose and dennis rodman should start a tandem reality series called Madonna's Men or something....
  9. definitely good pickup. oh yeah is cliff floyd dead?
  10. doesn't sound terrible...but i don't like drew barrymore.
  11. Amazing stats...Looselots is a machine with the hours he seems to play. DN should go play over there on the sly..maybe under "NotKidPoker"..hahha
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