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  1. Im a worse steamer than mike matusow..and thats why I lose at poker and I know it. Im also trying to work on that.
  2. I probably am a fish, but all I tried to do is post something reasonable and you people flame me, and it pisses me off. Probably has something to do with why I steam at poker...but seriously im a donkey now let the thread end.
  3. The reason too many people think they are winners in the long run when they are not is because they forget to include all the money the lost early on...I've only been playing a year and I probably lost initially $2k getting started playing poker...but in the last 4 months I'm probably up $1000 and haven't really been in the red. So currently I'm winning at poker but overall Ive lost alot.
  4. You should really read the rest of the ruling for this case...the Judge dismissed the Polices case citing that having large sums of money on you at one time is not enough evidence to suggest drug trafficing or something else like that...This case was just an isolated incident that does not suggest that the US Gov. is like the supposed 'Big Brother' of 1984.Stop your fear mongering.
  5. that was an exageration, but ive watched each episode alot of times and my game has improved probably 500% from it.
  6. ok..ive watched each HSP espisode from both seasons atleast 10x each and trust me his analysis of players thoughts on each hand is better than any other announcer
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