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  1. Should have traded for Santana. I wish you would have traded for Santana. I hate being a Twins fan now.
  2. wait. Who is the Royals second good starter? Bannister? Because Arroyo >> Bannister
  3. In my eyes, the Twins already look like fools. Bill Smith overplayed his hand, and when he could have ended up with Phil Hughes and Melky Cabrera, we are with 4 good, not great prospects.
  4. Why? Why? This is bad. So, so bad. Why? Bill Smith. I believe you overplayed your hand, thus screwing up what an average fantasy baseball player would have called a cakewalk.
  5. Well played sir Couldn't agree with you much more.
  6. What makes you say that Cincinnati will be a good team this year?
  7. Barely got by my Golden Gophers. 21 turnovers and were still able to come away with a victory. Didn't get to see much of Gordon as he was in foul trouble early. But I was really impressed with DJ. Such a depressing loss for my team.
  8. I don't know. 1 year at 4.5 Million is a pretty cheap deal for Eckstein's service.
  9. Yeah, I don't think too many intelligent people agree with that statement.
  10. I just wish the damn thing would get done. God damn soap opera
  11. ERA is so flawed for relievers, I hardly even pay any attention to it anyway. It's a little bit nicer for today's closers since they many times start an inning rather than coming into a difficult situation.But I do see your logic. I like logic.
  12. No doubt. Well perhaps I will take me some Joe Nathan now.
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