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    take a guess Einstein
  1. You saw the guy Kingman cashed out last month for over $800 right? Also there is a $100 per month cashout cap (i.e. if you cash out for $200 you get two payments of $100 a month apart)
  2. Jesus I set you up with gifts and you go after me? Actually it's not a big deal. If I was starting over in this game I would do this:1. Convert as much MD's into cards as possible. This can be accomplished thru the trade forum or the "timewarps"2. I would have said not to upgrade but now you need the upgrades in order to cash out at a decent rate.3. Use the timewarp as much as possible. You can transfer the common star cards into black cards for many more moves. The downside to this is it takes a while to do if you have a bunch. 4. Sell off any cards like force cards or settlement takeov
  3. AM I the only one concerned he is leading the next generation of Americans?
  4. Those are real and they're spectacular FAGGOT Add me to this PM list plzkthxbai
  5. Now you're just talking crazy man talk.:BeanieWellsrunsalloveryou
  6. I was referring to most other years of disappointment in Ann Arbor. Top five pre season rank last year and of course we all know what happened there.Also quoted this because if OSU gets to the title game again I'm sure you will be one of the first claiming they don't deserve to be there.
  7. Actually Volquez pitched for the Rangers so this isn't his rookie year. Of course leave Baker around him long enough and the team doc will be working overtime.
  8. Upon further review the call on the field is overturned
  9. I loved collecting when I was younger but I got out around 98 when the market became so diluted. I still dabble in the older stuff. I've got every Brooks Robinson card ever issued. It started when I met him in Indy back when the Indy show was one of the biggest in the country. He was one hell of a nice guy and gave me a free autograph(I was about 10 years old). Is the market on vintage stuff on the downswing?
  10. Minus 10 points for bringing up a futon in a SuperThread
  11. Hankey Munik must be punished for his actions. So you still gettin laid daily?
  12. So WTF happened to this place? I've been way to busy to check in lately, but when I do its:
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