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  1. Parodies of this video get dumber and dumber each time they are made.
  2. This. Putting money onto another site right now is not a good idea.
  3. What happened to Jariso13? <-comeback postIn the process of tracking down boners_galore.
  4. Translate during the hand next time
  5. gladly the ol guy on guy flipped over butt eating 69
  6. Either....#1 He only has a little boner so it isnt big enough to make it over the head.#2 that interestingly placed muffin is stuck on the boner kind of like a muffin boner shiskabob.
  7. I watched the first one and it maybe the worst acting ive ever seen. It would probably be more fun to watch 6 minutes of his normal life than 6 scripted minutes of total bs.
  8. Maybe that freak david slansky got to him.
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