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  1. Should have traded for Santana. I wish you would have traded for Santana. I hate being a Twins fan now.
  2. wait. Who is the Royals second good starter? Bannister? Because Arroyo >> Bannister
  3. In my eyes, the Twins already look like fools. Bill Smith overplayed his hand, and when he could have ended up with Phil Hughes and Melky Cabrera, we are with 4 good, not great prospects.
  4. Why? Why? This is bad. So, so bad. Why? Bill Smith. I believe you overplayed your hand, thus screwing up what an average fantasy baseball player would have called a cakewalk.
  5. Well played sir Couldn't agree with you much more.
  6. What makes you say that Cincinnati will be a good team this year?
  7. Barely got by my Golden Gophers. 21 turnovers and were still able to come away with a victory. Didn't get to see much of Gordon as he was in foul trouble early. But I was really impressed with DJ. Such a depressing loss for my team.
  8. I don't know. 1 year at 4.5 Million is a pretty cheap deal for Eckstein's service.
  9. Yeah, I don't think too many intelligent people agree with that statement.
  10. I just wish the damn thing would get done. God damn soap opera
  11. ERA is so flawed for relievers, I hardly even pay any attention to it anyway. It's a little bit nicer for today's closers since they many times start an inning rather than coming into a difficult situation.But I do see your logic. I like logic.
  12. No doubt. Well perhaps I will take me some Joe Nathan now.
  13. Sure Hoffman's numbers aren't that different than Armando's if you're looking at a couple of numbers (ERA?). Hoffman's numbers aren't that much worse, or better, than Rivera's if you look further. With relief pitcher with over 500 career innings, Hoffman ranks third in WHIP with a 1.049 behind Wagner and Rivera, third in SO/BB behind Wagner and Foulke, and second in allowing inherited runners score, behind only Eric Gagne (which to me makes up for his disappointing ERA, ERA+)According to the B-R player similarity scores, Hoffman's top comp is Rivera, with tenth being Armando.And Mattingly do
  14. sadly this means that Jim Rice will be elected next year with Ricky, along with Bert being snubbed for the 12th year.
  15. except his freakishly large head
  16. Well, all fans hate to see him go, but almost all understand the economics of the game and understand why we can't resign him. But most wish it would happen sooner than later since we're sick of getting poor articles like this. I tend to believe that anti-Yankee sentiment is still strong as many hope we don't trade him to the Yankees. Which I don't get since if he goes to Boston, no other team in the AL will be able to compete for at least 3 years.
  17. I should have been more specific. I meant certainly better going forward, not for '08 or even '09. There is one thing for sure. I like Boston's trade offer over not trading Santana.
  18. I don't get what is with people saying Melky isn't any good. Is he the caliber player that Ellsbury is? No, but he's been above average at CF and is certainly better than Crisp can be. As a Twins fan, I don't like the Red Sox offer much. They went for quantity over quality which is exactly what I didn't want. Lester has the potential to be a 3, maybe a 2 but I doubt it. Crisp is nothing short of average. Masterson is going to be a RP. Lowrie is pretty much the only part of the trade that I like, and the scouts say that he won't be able to play SS at the major league level. I say, ke
  19. I disagree. I believe that the Yankees are going to get it done within one week. The offers have reached their climax with the Yankees now offering Hughes. And as a Twins fan, I cannot wait to hear the announcement.
  20. I'm not convinced he's anything more than an average defensive SS.
  21. With the trade of Milledge, the Mets are no longer even mentionable in the Johan trade discussion.
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