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  1. Yes, very good castcast all around. Didnt even know DN had won, so congrats!!BTW: Eastgate is also on the show.
  2. Wow, I didnt know a setup like this would be good enough for poker!Plz post pics and a screenshot when playing, ty
  3. Hey Mo. Im fine, just got back home from Vegas. So now Im grinding my @ss of trying to make back all the $ i've spent/lost How are you?
  4. Hilm ftw.. gogogo! Denmark is due!!
  5. Hello Bob and Vatche Hows business?I was only jokin.. I guess it wasnt really that funny
  6. Nevermind.. i have to close down now
  7. I have just started a sng on pokerstars and its beginning to thunder so maybe a good player wants to take over for me, its a $3 turboCan someone please take over if I lose connection???Dont send pm's
  8. Bellagio > Venetian > WynnEven tho its close between Bellagio and Venetian. Also evening and Night time is alot softer.GL
  9. Hey, Im doing okay, nothing crazy. Nice blog btw.. Did uyou make that 3k back yet? lol
  10. stars is less rigged and have responding support..
  11. wow.. that Dexter dude was really Daniel?
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