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  1. If you play live, it's considered poor form to be looking at pornography at the same time.
  2. Excerpts from Tales From the Tiltboys:When Phil Hellmuth played in the Tiltboys home game:
  3. I recently read Tales From the Tiltboys. There isn't a funnier poker book out there. If you also like golf, you'd really enjoy the Dewey Tomko chapter in Who's Your Caddy? by Sports Illustrated columnist Rick Reilly. Turns out that this solid pro is a total action junkie on the golf course. Rick Reilly caddied for him -- and also for a list of guys that include Donald Trump and Bob Newhart -- and was dumbstruck at how careless Dewey was with rolled up $10,000 wads of cash. Dewey would forget about and leave them in coat pockets, car trunks, brown paper bags, bottoms of luggage... An
  4. She scores more points for playing while pregnant. Gotta love the devotion to degeneracy.
  5. I prefer Mrs. Grinder, Isabelle Mercier, Cecilia Mortensen - a European Sarah Jessica Parker - over Jennifer Tilly. Whatever happened to Meg Tilly, her sister? She was a hottie.
  6. ...Stevie Wonder sings "I just called to say I love you," and you think he's talking about poker.
  7. http://www.pokerpages.com/interactive/humor/rgp01.htm
  8. Looks like they stopped everything for one afternoon to add: Blackjack.
  9. Yeah it's down. Last I heard, they estimate it'll be back up at 5 ET. I was in the middle of a multitable tournament when it fizzled.
  10. Perhaps the best anti-tilt advice ever dispensed in this forum. Rhymes too!Note: You should probably leave the table first before you do it.
  11. How 'bout Williamson folding middle set when 3 other players were goin' crazy?
  12. You can claim gambling losses on your tax forms? Really?
  13. Their business model: Starting from a bum at the top of the graphic:[1] "Bum-vertising leads people to pokerfacebook.com,[2] Which encourages gambling.[3] More gambling increases financial hardship,[4] Creating more bums.[5] Ipso facto, more bum-vertising!The business grows itself!"
  14. Have you guys seen this?http://www.comedycentral.com/sitewide/medi...ml?itemId=18283
  15. Last week, I was foraging for an old article, written by Ted Forrest for Phil's website, and ran into this: http://www.greentiepoker.com/gallery.asp?gallery_id=3A photo gallery of Phil's birthday party. The numbnut is still wearing his hat, sunglasses, and windbreaker (always zipped up to the very top, of course). Who told him he looked cool like this?
  16. I know. The guy was definitely in over his head, too... Only difference was, he knew he was. Great story. Moving up in stakes, I first guessed that the suicide bombers would fizzle out faster. Turns out they just have bigger bombs.
  17. Wow, I thought Beavis and Butthead were fictional characters. I wonder what college this clip from collegehumor.com came from.
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