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  1. Id play if you spread like a 2-5 or 5-10 NL
  2. Wynn Morning (brunch) buffett is by far the best around and if you play in the poker room, you can get a front of the line pass and a food comp.
  3. I play at Casino AZ almost every day...... not sure why they added the money but right now without the football pools going strong the place is a little slow so they do it to get more people in there...... 2 weeks ago they hit it for 125k I believe in a 6-12 game.
  4. Little tip for hookers, somebody (I think it was a chick which is odd) said that they were expensive.....NOT TRUE.Find one in the lobby at your hotel (late night) and you can get them for less than $100 for some head.As far as partying, you wont get carded much in the casino unless you look young, and stick to the poker rooms they are used to seeing young faces and security doesnt wander through as much.
  5. The game is a 3-5 (150 max bet) spread limit.I got KQ in mid position one player limps I limp. Tighter young guy to my left makes standard raise to $20, button calls and the limper calls. Flop A-10-J rainbow. UTG checks, I check raiser bets $80. Both players foldI put him on a fairly strong hand at this point and I smoothe callTurn 10.........
  6. Why are you trying to deposit $ from your credit card when you already have $ in your account??
  7. Easy fold for me. I fold this hand in this spot 100% of the time. Why call hoping to be a coinflip???You have $3 invested, why invest another $100 and "hope" you have the best hand. Its very likely you are up against KK AA or most likely AK.If you want to bet all your money on a coinflip, go play blackjack.
  8. Sorry about the typo I accidently called him the SB, he was 3 to my left and I was the SB. Like the other guy said I really felt like the only hand that he could have that was beating me was QQ and a very slim chance he had AQ. Looking back, I definatly wish I would have bet more on the flop but it was one of those games where there were not a lot of bets north of $100, and I wanted his action if he had AK. He ended up having AQ, and then later, he snapped my KK later with a flop of J34 with 2 hearts and he moved all in on the turn which was the Ah.
  9. I was in Vegas over the weekend and played at the Wynn the entire time. I had sat down with 1k. Game was pretty loose (typical on the weekend in Vegas), a new player sat down about 15 mins before and was a middle aged guy who sat down 3 seats to my left with a beer and immediatly ordered another (I am sober at this point), and I havent seen him show down a hand yet. I pick up two black Kings in the SB, he raises to $15 two players call, I make it $60 total, other two guys fold and SB calls immediatly. Flop Kh Jh 9dI bet $90, he callsTurn 10d, I check, he moves in for $250My thinking was th
  10. You are a smart man.I had $80 left and thought he was trying to make a move. I moved in and after a few moments he called with 77 and I took it down.
  11. why does it say the thread was moved??this is where I posted it
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