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  1. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ this
  2. He lost a million during the one session, but said he was still up a few hundred K from that trip.
  3. Reads on player. Has been opening many pots that have been folded to him. He has yet to be re-raised preflop and has not showed down a hand. Out of the past 40 hands dealt, he has raised about 14.Full Tilt Poker Game #3385475630: Daily Double - A (25349018) Table 166 - 120/240 Ante 25 - No Limit Hold'em - 22:58:51 ET - 2007/08/27Seat 1: pokerinio (10 060)Seat 2: BrandonPL (8 890)Seat 3: BRITERSIDE (3 565)Seat 4: bsnowman88 (2 735)Seat 5: frogp (2 570)Seat 6: unklepaddy (8 525)Seat 7: MillFill9 (6 120)Seat 8: magnumth7 (22 124)Seat 9: barecave (585)pokerinio antes 25BrandonPL antes 25BRITERSIDE
  4. took a shot with an open ender into a big pot. Lost to two pair who filled up on turn. Down to 900
  5. We should just change our team name to team Pain, for the pain were are about to inflict on these bizatch azz donks on all the other teams.
  6. Out 93rd. Lost two sick sick pots to an absolute donkey who has no business in this tourney in stud hi and stud 8. I'll post them tomorrow if anyone cares. Also sucks because I should have been in the money if they didnt screw up the payouts.
  7. Full Tilt Poker Game #3207004200: FTOPS Event #2 (23185790), Table 34 - 500/1000 Ante 100 - Limit Stud Hi - 0:44:28 ET - 2007/08/10Seat 1: Markuu (6,426)Seat 2: ShreddrX (10,287)Seat 3: BrandonPL (10,482)Seat 4: NutRush (13,788)Seat 5: Chek_Reyes (9,313)Seat 6: SmartAzWayne (21,098)Seat 7: stevehung (7,150)Seat 8: Ochimusha (10,716)Markuu antes 100ShreddrX antes 100BrandonPL antes 100NutRush antes 100Chek_Reyes antes 100SmartAzWayne antes 100stevehung antes 100Ochimusha antes 100*** 3RD STREET ***Dealt to Markuu [8h]Dealt to ShreddrX [Jd]Dealt to BrandonPL [Qd Ac] [Qh]Dealt to NutRush [Jc]Deal
  8. And I finally got the guy who I KNEW was gonna give me chips in this game eventually.Broke the 10k mark!
  9. All I can do is get in good right? Oh well still got chips.
  10. 3248 at 3rd break after being above 9k. Lost over 5k in the limit holdem round. Had about 5 playable hands in 6 deals and lost all 5.
  11. 4343 at break. lost a few big razz pots.
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