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  1. When coming off a real bad beat(s), I just wanna know what you guys do to get yourslf off it or try not to think about past hands so you can move on to the next..cool, lates
  2. lol so true..but annoying when you have to hear them talk and talk ..but, that's why your laughing inside, cuz their money is with you..
  3. i downloaded the game, i just had the virtual cd and crack
  4. the most annoying women in poker is the ones you see in your local poker games that think they know what their talking about..but when you see the calls they make and their chip stakes.. all you can do it shake your head and laugh inside.
  5. To Everyone reading this,I'm not putting Daniel down or dissing him in any way, I dont know why I even bother posting this, I just watched this episode after downloading it and I was in this forum at the same time..so, sorry to anyone who is really in love with Negreanu
  6. hey does anyone play that PC game stacked? Q: how do I play online? I can't seem to log in there
  7. play me online and go all in with rags when i tell u 2
  8. Hey Daniel I just heard from a source that you went to A.Y. Jackson S.S back in T.O. is that true?Anyways, I went to high school there and was wondering what year you were there? did you run the poker there? did you live around that neighbourhood? ..
  9. download www.btmon.com, then download www.bitcomet.comthen search for high stakes poker..or just watch GSN
  10. lmFAo!! and then you say, "yea? after you called, I put the board's turn and river on K and 10" lmfao!
  11. Did anyone watched Season 2 ep. 11 of High Stakes Poker?Sorry Daniel, I hate to bring this up, but that was brutal! Gus had 1 out left in the deck and it comes on the turn. Dan, I could tell in your tone and the way you were talking, you wanted to knock gus out right there haha jk
  12. I'll start off, One of the biggest things I love about the game and why I play is the many strategic ways to play, I love figuring out what others might have, figuring out what I should do in certain situations (and everyone is different). And also the social thing, I love sitting down at a poker table and just talking about hands and other stuff like past poker experiences. Anyways, i'd love to know what others think..lates
  13. haha, alright alright sorry, i'm new to this site. I'll talk about something more intresting next time around.
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