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  1. I can't remember where Daniel posted those thoughts, but understand that I have literally read every single article in Daniel's blog. I started reading his blog over 8 years ago, when I was starting out on educating myself about professional poker players opinions on the game. Back then he used to write at least 3 or 4 blog articles a week, and he combined his blog with his earlier real poker articles that he ran for Cardplayer magazine, back when he was a small fry before he was knocking down seven figure pay days at WPT tournaments. I remember not liking his play style that much, since I
  2. Stu Ungar and Daniel Negreanu didn't have intersecting careers except for one cashgame that they played. He said that he was at the table with his then poker playing Asian girlfriend (I don't remember her name, as she doesn't seem to be popular anymore, but she was a featured player with David Williams at one of the earlier poker sites, around the time his "ass-eating porno tape" with that 40-something year old cougar pornstar came out (funny how people forgot all about that incident lol, I guess people don't care about that kinda shit anymore, in the long run). Anyway, Daniel, and his
  3. You love Jeniffer Harman? Why? Because of her exceptional No Limit skills. Because like every other so called pro, she lost her games to Andy Beal and had to be bailed out by Ivey? Because she is consistently such a weak player at the table on HSP it's hilarious. I'll give her credit for playing the High stakes games live, and being the original woman player that had some success, but people exaggerate so much about her skill level it's hilarious. And yes that includes her section in Supersystem.
  4. Many of us have now heard about your friend Erick Lindgren's degeneracy when it comes to sportsbetting and not giving people their money back. What are your opinions on this matter. Is he still your boy Edog, or have you written him off because he is a degenerate, at least according to the available information? Also is he going through a possible case of being judged incorrectly with incomplete information?
  5. the real prize is confirmation of the Higgs field which is what is indicated by the existence of the Higgs boson but very difficult to detect. Stop trying to be pretend scientists and thinking you know what you're talking about.
  6. I think Bible thumping Christians are the ones that are less like Christ than they realize. Although ultimately I don't really see the point in Christianity beyond keeping people under control and making them only do a fraction of the bad stuff they normally would because of that pesky Christian conscience thing. DN's that kind of Christian, the kind that claims God and praises his name, but gambles, drinks, gets diverced in the blink of an eye, & doesn't go to church regularly. Nothing wrong with that in my book. He's not a saint, but he's not the devil either. Maybe if he didn't hav
  7. Are you kidding. Have you seen pictures of her recently http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Hillary...ham_Clinton.jpgIf her presidency is anything like that pic, man we're gonna have one energetic caffeine fueled presidency if you ask me .
  8. Honestly, I think DN shows how naive he is on many issues on this thread and on his blog. I'm really only interested in the poker on his blogs because I'm interested in his tournament ideas, but whenever he blogs about other stuff like politics, or global warming, or religion or morality, he shows how naive and poorly read he is on most subjects. Whenever he blogs about religion and talks about what he feels about God because he read a book about faith, I wanto to puke. It's the same kind of Los Angeles, "read a book about faith, now I consider myself spiritual" BS that I can't stand. When
  9. I will have to flip the philosophical coin on you and point out that your universal faith in most people can also prove to be dangerous. I am not one to think that anyone perspective of life is necessarily more dangerous than another. I believe that perspectives have weaknesses and strengths. The weakness of my perspective is that I might be unnecessarily paranoid towards people that have done a wrong that I despise and blacklist them as never being credible, but the positives of my perspective are that those people would never be able to do any damage to me by wronging me. The strength of
  10. Actually I think its more like which one of the following people would you trust with your kids.Person 1: Molested a ten year old kid and apologizes for it and appears genuine in his apologies and sincerity. He goes to rehabilitation and gets couselling and everything and promises never to do it again.Person 2: Molested a ten year old kid and is remorseless about it and says that he'd probably do it again if he had the chance.I'm setting both of the crimes as the same thing so that the only thing different is the subsequent actions after the person is caught. I wouldn't trust my kids with
  11. Nice twist with the has children of their own, but honestly no, I most definitely would not. This is exactly what I'm talking about, it makes no difference what the persons actions have been after he has done the offense once, at least not to me. Maybe this hypothetical person didn't molest his kids because they were his, but he still has it in him for the others. Honestly I'm not a person that believes in rehabilitation whether it be prison or drug rehab. People do what they are compelled to do, most of the time. If it is in them to be a child molester then they will do that, more often
  12. Just because I have this attitude about the appropriate attitude that should be shown to a cheater doesn't mean that I feel the same way about judging people for other things. For example I don't really share the same kinds of thoughts about steroid use in sports, and I also don't particularly think that it is inherently wrong for a cheater to cheat. You should exploit your edges in life as much as you deem necessary in my opinion. I don't really see much wrong with a person trying to exploit an edge, but I do believe that when that person is caught f@@@ing up, they should be treated aggres
  13. The sentiment "once a cheater, always a cheater" is a bit aggressive, but at least it isn't naive and weak. I admit that i am less forgiving than most, but that's because most people are willing to swallow s### and accept a lot of this kind of nonsense. I mean when you really think about it what value does an apology have. Not much in my opinion. Maybe if Bonomo donated like a quarter of his earnings to sponsor a freeroll tournament in his name or something truly difficult would his apology mean something, otherwise it's just words. I also think that while he should be forgiven in princip
  14. I really don't see much of a difference honestly. Its not that I don't see the theoretical difference between one person being honestly sorry about their actions and one person being openly indifferent about the actions. It's more that I don't really see why it matters that one person is sorry and another person isn't. They both cheated, for the same reasons. One way of looking at it is if two people are convicted child molesters and one of them appears genuinely sorry about his actions and another person is coldblooded and remorseless, who are you going to choose to trust with your kids.
  15. I think Daniel's blog about Bonomo deserving credit because he apologized and is "genuinely sorry" is a lot of baloney. Bonomo cheated & Gavin cheated. That's makes them both cheated and they deserve to be treated the same. What does it really matter if he apologized and is sorry, it still means that he shouldn't be trusted in my book. Once a cheater almost always a cheater, IMO. I think it would be just like Negreanu to be softball with Bonomo, seeing as he met him on one of his trips recently, Daniel isn't the kind of guy that would get confrontational with a cheater right in his fa
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