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  1. Under the what's new section, it says a bunch of new hand analysis vids were added yesterday, but I'm not seeing them.
  2. Daniel or any of the other pros,Do you have any advice on what's the best way to keep records? What kind of record-keeping system do you use?
  3. nope, but we already have a different thread about it. "Is anyone else having this problem" thread.
  4. Just busted out in 12th. I had A-Q. Board K-Q-x-x-10. Checked down to river. Big stack shoves allin. I go into the tank. Finally call. He shows A-J, of course.
  5. Yep. Your not the only one, my friend.
  6. Got it. It's up for me. Thanks, Bob.
  7. I'm still getting the under construction page, Matt.
  8. I seriously doubt this was scheduled. That would be totally unlike the adminstration team to not let us know.
  9. seems like they would've let us know if the site was going to be under construction.
  10. Just went to the VT site and found a page that said there was no default page and the site was under construction. What's up with that?
  11. Is ever going to be PokerVt merchandise for sale? Don't know about everybody else, but I would love to represent Pokervt along with FCP during the next live tourney I'm in.
  12. It is pretty freaking hilarious, isn't it?
  13. Ah, sweet victory! Forgive me a victory dance! I guess now I have no excuse for not signing up for pokervt
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