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  1. yeah. he ran a sub-4:20 mile in college, which was huge back then. he was an all-american.
  2. I haven't logged on to FCP for months. I have basically been in another world since summer.SuitedUp, can you tell me if or when I am playing next? I'd like to contribute... at least minimally.Sorry to let down
  3. i haven't really been posting or reading for what seems like a month now. i'm surprised to come back and find out i'm not alone in being a veteran gone AWOL.it's sad to say it, but i've just kind of lost interest. i hope for it to be rekindled someday.i guess i like this place enough to have come back to post this reply, but i'm not sure if i'll be as active as i used to be.
  4. oh, c'mon, you don't think he'd try to win a shitload more so he can buy a years supply?
  5. yeah, i take meth every day.it's called adderall.
  6. you'd better :wink: i edited my post to get rid of the smileys... my bad.
  7. the kelly criterion... i copied and pasted this from somewhere a long time ago, so i don't remember where it came from. this is really long, but i'll paste it here for anyone interested.Here's the text:Suppose you are playing a game in which you have some sort of edge. This edge can consist of any combination of probability and odds such that each bet has a positive expectation. Now you ask yourself, "What fraction of my bankroll should I wager on this game?" If your answer is, "The amount that if I keep repeating this same strategy over a long period of time, my bankroll increases at its ma
  8. If you make the prop lucrative enough, I'd bet I could get in.
  9. FYP.I'm still Chiggleslap.Not Chigglesap.
  10. i think it depends on where in the U.S. you live. i've lived in Seattle my whole life and there's little to no social tension between the GLBT community and the heterosexual community. in fact, they're not really two separate communities at all. there's not much differentiation anymore. i guess i'm just lucky to live in a socially-progressive area.maybe Seattle is the Canada of the Unites States.
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