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  1. full tilt is the worst to cashout from, thats why i dont use them anymore
  2. no reason not to just call his original raise here he obviously isnt folding once he raises and your almost always a slight dog in this spot. How did it turn out?
  3. mine would be 1. burt boutin2. Kathy Liebert2. Vanessa Rousso3. Cyndi violette4. andy blochsome ones I like are , brad booth, negeanu obviously, gus hansen, jenn harman, ivey
  4. normally id side with you on this as the dealer should just deal the cards but it does sound like your an ******* and anyone that drinks blue ribbon doesn't deserve good treatment.
  5. just laugh but when im on tilt or stuck it hurts a bit more
  6. Which gift store is better? I know all their stuff is so hard to get if you play low to mid limit but the options are cool
  7. Is it just me or is it harder to clear these and accumulate points on FT then stars and party?
  8. from what I heard I believe negreanu only worked at subway for a day before he quit, either that or no more then a week
  9. well no, I don't have a fax machine so I would have to get photocopies of the documents and then goto my former place of work and use theirs, also last time I did that for something else they deemed the quality not good enough to let me take out my money so yeah thats a little work for a few hundred dollars
  10. Is there anyway to do this now easily without neteller because I am Canadian and they no longer accept Canadian accounts? I requested a check but they require all these scanned items such as ID and address verification and I don't have a scanner and don't want to goto the hassle of a fax. Is epassporte ok? or click2pay? Anyone have any advice?
  11. I like how the reported said "Alot of muuuney"
  12. Are they any good for Canadian players?
  13. for me its bad luck to look how far you are but I do anyways
  14. I dealt in BC and I would not recommend it , bad hours , not great pay ....cant keep your own tips and cant play there
  15. that is sad, I am definitely not paying for it now
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