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  1. Apparently you haven't heardhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6I1xj6djn8
  2. http://msn.foxsports.com/nhl/story/8707528...sex-toys-on-icediscuss
  3. I need help with pokertracker and "pop3" email, I have gmail which I assumed was pop3 email, but I don't know, and I have no idea how to properly set it up with pokertracker so I may auto import my tourney hands, any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks,mb5322Matt
  4. ok I apply again, I'd like to play Limit 5 card draw cash games, on my new rakeback account , considering the only site that 5 card draw ring games are consistently full is pokerstars, I would also grind stud and lhe. I would start at levels agreed upon by you, I only work 12-13 days a month so I have more than enough time to put in the required hands. I would like to speak with you if chosen about coaching my nlhe cash games, which is really my weak point in my games. and again trust is not an issue with me I have aim, msn, skype etc..., and you know what I do for a living.Good luck and thank
  5. I'd play 2 4 and 3 6, fixed limit 5 card draw cash games and move up to no more than 10 20 draw as the roll grows, these games are uber soft, and the variance is low. Recently busted Daniel himself in the WCOOP draw event. glmb5322and as far as trust, I have msn, aim skype etc... and was the 30th member of this site, so I've been here from the 1st day this site was up and running.If you choose me, I'll throw in 10% of me in the first event of the wsop circuit at harrah's indiana, that I'm playing on Thursday. $340 buy in
  6. I'll be there, probably playing at least the first two events
  7. Meh, I was playin nothing but sats tonight, but ok, I'm in it to win it.
  8. Jesus FTOPS again? they seriously need to stop having these so much they really mean nothing other than having some larger buy in tourneys available I think the WCOOP on stars is set up significantly better.
  9. OOPs, didn't read the last page, this is what you should have done with the money, it would have been alot more fun:What to do with the money?I can't believe nobody suggested this one:Get the 25K in bricks of $1 bills, go to your local strip bar with some buddies, get rip roaring drunk, then Make it RAIN baby, Make it RAIN!GL and have fun.
  10. I use epassporte, and for me it's literally instant.
  11. Unless your in the BB and get to play a hand like this your better off folding, and keeping the pair will win pots more than drawing to a straight, the odds are better in hitting trips or two pair. Other than that hands like these are garbage.
  12. I win in the member number game, about the only thing I'm useful for.
  13. On a flop of QQQ (I had AK) in a 10 20 limit game, I bet flop one guy calls, turn is the case Q, I bet guy calls, so I'm thinking he obv has an Ace as well, river is an Ace I bet, guy thinks and thinks then says, I know that Ace hit you and folded.. I smiled and showed him my Ace.
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