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  1. Cobalt you play any games in auburn.. I met you in the computer lab one time.. I am tired of playing the same 2-5 game...
  2. Full Tilt Poker Apology From Full Tilt PokerDear PGeezy,As you may be aware, we suffered a system outage at 8:39PM ET on Friday, January 26th that forced us to suspend game play on our site for several hours. We have now completed our reconciliation process, and we have made the following adjustments to your account:If you were sitting at real money ring game at the time of the outage, any money you had at the table has been returned to your account.If you were registered for, or were playing in a tournament that was voided during this period, your account has been restored in accordance with
  3. Last time FT went down I was in a 1 dollar tourny for shits n giggles and they ended up send me 2 dollars for the tourny and 50 to be nice to me..>!:
  4. Why should i tip a dealer anything while I am playing a 1/2 NL game and they take a percentage of every pot as well as 6 dollars every half hour... maybe if I had some nickel chips I would consider it.
  5. anyone know who makes that hoodie david williams is wearing... because that hoodie is sooooo clean
  6. This is quite possibly the biggest donk fest.. worse than the PP 40k used to be..I am IN PGeezy
  7. I was wondering how the cash out through e-Checks works if anyone has done it before on FTP, since they dont allow you to choose your cash out method .??? thanks
  8. I have the exact monitor you are looking to get PM me if you want a screen shot
  9. If anyone has seen the first episode of the new season of Cathouse on HBO.... I believe there is a shot of Steve Zolotow for a brief second.. can anyone confirm this???
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