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  1. One thing that I think that everyone speaking up for poker here needs to take into account is that poker is a zero-sum game, and is therefore a zero-sum occupation. Your fictional friend involved in the fast food business is not involved in a zero-sum occupation because his/her activity adds to the overall net wealth of humanity. In playing poker, you are not creating anything or adding anything to the world, just extracting wealth from those that have created it elsewhere.
  2. I've been thinking about this since my tournament exit yesterday (naturally, I pushed with 55 and ran into AA. gg me), and the maths tends to support that its a push, but doing it from UTG still scares me. 30% of the time* we'll be crushed by an overpair, and the rest of the time it's likely that we'll be in a race situation.If we reason that there's an 80% chance that we'll be called with overcards...30% of the time, we are up against 66-AA: win 6%56% of the time, we're in a race: win 28%14% of the time, we don't get called: win 14%so 52% of the time, we're out, 34% of the time, we double up,
  3. - there's no ante- there are two other short stacks, three medium stacks, three big stacks- the final table has only just started, there has only been one hand so far - it went: raise 'em, take 'em. we have a reasonably tight image and can safely assume that the other players won't CDU, they'll only call with a hand.- the payout structure is: $750, $400, $250, $150, $100, $75, $50
  4. Situation:It's a live B&M MTT. There are 320000 chips in play and there are 9 players left. 7 places pay.You have 10000, the blinds are 1000/2000. You are UTG, and your hand is 55.Push or fold?If its a push, do you push with 22, 33, 44?It its a fold, do you fold 66, 77, 88, 99?
  5. Christopher Hitchens on Falwell: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkAPaEMwyKUand Tinky Winky's view: http://www.salon.com/opinion/feature/2007/...html?source=rss
  6. Karl Marx: "Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people."I disagree with the analogy.
  7. Hello Jayray, thanks for the time and thoughts. I feel the place where you are coming from, despite not being a believer. How about this: imagine that the 60 guys in your scenario were around today, having access to all that we had learned and discovered in the 2000 years since their times. Would they write exactly the same bible? I don't think they would. The only thing I know for sure is that I don't know everything. For that reason, I can't bring myself to believe anyone or anything that says that they definitely do know everything. Aren't they're lying? either to me, or to themselves?
  8. chrisuk_sw

    The Bible

    I brought up the bible because that's what we were discussing - whether Christian belief makes a people act more morally than a lack of Christian belief. The white man had Christianity. The white man successfully ethnically cleansed America. I am arguing that this was an immoral act, in support of my view that religion makes no difference one way or the other to the morality of the actions of a people.Also - at no point in this discussion did I insult anyone. What's with the personal insults?
  9. chrisuk_sw

    The Bible

    I must have missed the bit in the bible that outlines the "They asked for it" defence.
  10. chrisuk_sw

    The Bible

    I see what you mean about Japan - after all, their genocide and theft of a country failed.Not like the USA - that's how to successfully achieve a genocide. Ask some native Americans whether they were glad that their conquerers had Christianity for a moral guide.
  11. chrisuk_sw

    The Bible

    Your "reminding me of history" consisted of "oh so you know about this secret CIA plot that has no evidence?" (which I then pointed out was common knowledge, then gave references) and "no God bad, God good".... You're a little light on actual facts in your postings to be able to claim victory. I like to think that maybe the mass of Americans are not as ignorant of the rest of the world and history as it appears, but I doubt it.Oh and.... modern day Japan seems to do fine without God.
  12. chrisuk_sw

    The Bible

    No, I found out about it because I read. Check out the wikipedia link for the FRAPH and the Human Rights Watch report (second one) about the documents. None of this stuff is particularly hidden, except by your media organisations. This is common knowledge the world over, published by respected sources and in the public domain. Don't you ever wonder why there is anti-Americanism in the world? It isn't because "they hate your freedom". It's because your country actively supports murderers and steals from other countries, all the time with God on your side.And as for Haiti having no God - wasn't
  13. chrisuk_sw

    The Bible

    What happens to children who die before they get to grow up? Do they get damned, or a free pass?
  14. chrisuk_sw

    The Bible

    Interesting choice of examples. You do know that the Haitian paramilitary FRAPH- responsible for extra-judicial executions, torture and rapes- was founded with CIA assistance and received CIA money, don't you? (wikipedia) You also know that this echoes the US-sponsored creation of the Haitian National Guard of the 1930s that went on to commit countless atrocities against the Haitian people, don't you? You also know that after the US invasion in 1994, masses of documents were ceased by the USA and not returned until they had been cleansed of US involvement in the atrocities (source: Human Right
  15. chrisuk_sw

    The Bible

    You lose your $10.Here's what I will say though. Your Christian country, the United States of America, barely 6 generations ago completed the world's best example of how to successfully achieve the genocide of an indigenous people and the ethnic cleansing of a country.My point is that the religious belief held by a nation makes pretty no difference when it comes to the morality of the actions of that nation.
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